Mt. Nevis - inactive volcano

We jumped at the chance to join our friends on a trip to Nevis.  It’s one of their favorite spots and they’ve never steered us wrong!  We were joined by 2 other couples from our Chesapeake sailing group for a fun-filled, rum-filled week!

Our flight from Miami to St. Kitts was just part of the journey.  We took 2 taxis and a boat to reach our destination.  Upon arriving, we only had a short time before meeting everyone for happy hour.  Our cottage at Nisbet Plantation was tucked away on the outer corner of the resort.   After drinks and dinner, we had a hard time finding it at night!

Nisbet Plantation was owned by Fanny Nelson, wife of Horatio Nelson.  The grounds are beautiful and quiet.  The staff and everyone we met on Nevis are warm and welcoming.

While the men (minus Skip) did a waterfall climb on Mt Nevis, we visited the botanical gardens and had a delicious lunch at The Gin Trap.

We met Bridget the baby goat who did not like to pose for the camera (Erica’s photo.)  I was on the lookout for monkeys on Nevis.  These were easy to spot!

Lunch at The Gin Trap included their special rum drink called a Monkey Slap.  We got slapped!


We took a sailing trip over to St. Kitts for some snorkeling.  The snorkeling was not the best as it was hazy but swimming around the old, rusted wreck was pretty cool.


Our sail back to Nevis included rum punch and fantastic views of the volcano.

Our evening meals were served in the Main House except for the barbecue night on the beach.  Some of us stayed up late and danced.  Skip even got a cameo with the band!

My favorite thing to do is wander on the beach.

A little way down the beach is a pole mounted over the water that’s used for entertainment during local festivals.  It’s greased people try to reach a prize tied to the end.  Jeff tried it so, of course, I had to too!

That’s about as far as I got before jumping in because the end was very bouncy.

Skip always finds a comfortable spot in the shade by the pool.

A trip to Nevis would not be complete without getting stung by killer bees at Sunshine’s.  A Killer Bee is a surprisingly lethal rum drink.  I had one and thought, no big deal.  Midway through the second one, I was feeling no pain!  The lobster sandwiches were the best!

We added our boat name to the Annapolis Yacht Club burgee hanging overhead.  The Ravens were there too!

Some beach fun.  Jeff found a monkey stick and we didn’t dare try to limbo under the palm tree!

A highlight of the week was toasting Rick & Eva’s anniversary palm tree.  What’s a little rum in the morning?!  I think the palm tree enjoyed it too!

There’s wildlife everywhere on the island.  Goats, sheep and donkey’s wander everywhere.  I finally saw monkeys on the fence behind our cottage.

Our taxi driver, Calvin, is quite the local character.  All of the taxi’s have mottos and his is very appropriate!

Our taxi driver, Calvin
Our taxi driver, Calvin

Sadly, our last day arrived too quickly.  We took a taxi to Banana’s for lunch.  Nestled way up high on Mt. Nevis, we sat outside and watched quick tropical rain showers pass by.

What a great time!  Can’t wait to go back!!