Beyond the Boat

London and Sailing in Croatia

Our latest adventure took us to London for a few days followed by a week’s sailing charter in Croatia.
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Jazz Fest

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  There’s really not a lot to write about — just living the good life in Florida! Continue reading “Jazz Fest”

Denver, a few boring stops, Georgia and home!

Our trip to Denver was supposed to be a non-event.  We even left a little later to arrive when Jen was home.   It’s a beautiful ride on I70 from Grand Junction through Glenwood Canyon where the Colorado river flows right next to the highway.

Just 1 1/2 hrs. from Denver we came to a dead stop.  Nothing was moving.  We went about 5 miles in 1 hour.  After all the discussions about pros and cons traveling in a motor home I now realize the ultimate benefit of having a bathroom handy when you need one! Continue reading “Denver, a few boring stops, Georgia and home!”


We spent our last day in Moab touring Canyonlands National Park.  We got an early start expecting the same scorching weather and were pleasantly surprised with the cloud cover and cooler temps at higher elevation. Continue reading “Canyonlands”


After leaving Alan to enjoy his new kitchen we headed north and east to Moab, Utah for a few days of recovery.  We love visiting National Parks and wanted to cross Arches and Canyonlands off our list. Continue reading “Arches”

Before and After

When we visited my brother Alan last summer, he asked us for some ideas to spruce up his cabin in Strawberry, AZ.  I picked out paint colors and he fixed up the bathroom on his own.  This trip we planned to update his kitchen in 3 days.  Skip and I love this stuff! Continue reading “Before and After”

Taos treasures

I love the southwest.  For one thing, it’s dry and cool here.  What a difference from Florida and Texas! Oh, and the food is Amazing.

View on the high road to Taos
View along the high road to Taos
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Finding the blues in Austin

We were here
Visiting Austin

Our focus of the Austin stop was to check out the music scene.  Luckily, we found a LaQuinta (dog friendly) within walking distance to 6th street where all the clubs are located.  It reminded me a lot of Bourbon Street, maybe a little less smelly. Continue reading “Finding the blues in Austin”

Road Trip 2014

We’re off again on our 2nd annual summer road trip.  Our first stop was Pensacola, FL, the new home of our beloved Moondance.  When I contacted Mark and Mary, the new owners, they graciously offered to meet up and have drinks on the boat.  I had mixed feelings about seeing the boat.  I still miss our sailing adventures and have great memories of living aboard.  In reality though, I don’t miss the maintenance and anxiety of dealing with the weather! Continue reading “Road Trip 2014”

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