Why is that grumpy dog in my house?
Chester says “Keep away from my toys”

At last we arrived in Denver to stay with Skip’s daughter Jen and husband Bill for a couple of weeks.  We have so much fun hanging out with them.  Bailey had the pleasure of meeting his nephew Chester for the first time where he assumed the role of the grumpy old uncle.  Poor Chester didn’t know what to make of this dog staying in his house who didn’t want to run around and play.

On July 4th my brother Alan was passing through town on a road trip.  We got to meet his dog Felix for the first time.  Chester and Felix became fast friends and wore themselves out chasing and playing.  Bill cooked up some ribs (best ever!) and we just hung around their back yard being entertained by the dogs.

Skip played some of the local golf courses while I took long walks in Washington Park and caught up on my reading.  Jen & I did our usual shopping and Skip hit his favorite independent music store, Twist & Shout.

We went to a Rockies game and they actually won!  Jen and Bill treated us to dinner for our ‘big’ birthdays at their favorite special occasion restaurant Fruition.  What a memorable and special meal.  I dream about those potato wrapped oysters!

Wonderful Birthday dinner

We also finally made it to the top of Pike’s Peak.  We took the cog railway trip which is a pleasant 1 1/2 hour trip up while  listening to the history and looking at beautiful scenery.  When you get to the top it’s cold!  You only have a 1/2 hour up there, just enough time to snap some pictures, visit the restrooms and eat donuts!  We brought sandwiches with us which turned out to be a good idea because there wouldn’t have been enough time to buy food.

Pike's Peak
Eating donuts at the top of Pike’s Peak

On the way up

At the top of Pike’s Peak

Bill and Skip had a special project to work on.  They had an English walnut tree cut down  last year and kept some of the wood in their garage.  They rented a chain saw to cut up the pieces so that Skip could bring some back.  He managed to fit a few nice pieces in the car and is working on turning some bowls, platters and pepper mills.

Jen and I took Chester on a hike one day near Boulder.  I was glad that it was overcast because it was very hot.  I did okay but still felt short of breath from the altitude.  Chester is a very well-behaved off leash hiker.

On our way out of Denver we stayed in Salida, CO for the weekend with Jen & Bill.  Salida is a quaint little town in the mountains right next to the Arkansas River.  It’s mostly know for rafting trips in the summer and skiing nearby in the winter.  Our cruising buddies, Mike & Angie have a cabin nearby and met us for lunch.  We had fun catching up!

Lunch with Mike & Angie in Salida
Lunch with Mike and Angie in Salida

The cabin where we stayed was a nice little place just outside of town called The Tudor Rose.  It was perfect for hanging around and enjoying the quiet mountain scenery.  If you go there, I recommend 50Burger.  It’s on route 50 which ends in Ocean City, MD (my old stomping grounds!)  They have delicious burgers and fries.

We didn’t waste much time getting back east.  The drive down from Salida to Amarillo, TX was beautiful.  Once we got to hot and dusty Amarillo, it was nothing special.  We drove from there to Little Rock, AK and then to Skip’s sister Nancy’s home in Ellijay, GA for a nice respite from driving.

It was great to catch up with Don and Nancy.  I didn’t get any photos other than Bailey facing off with a deer and some of the amazing Georgia peaches.  I wish I bought a bushel!

We enjoyed playing cards and catching up.  It was a long day’s drive home and it felt good to sleep in my own bed.  Bailey was getting rather sick of being in the car.  He was pretty adamant that he wasn’t a back seat dog!