Our 3rd driving trip out west was a lot of fun (except for the long driving days.)  I really don’t enjoy driving but we tried to minimize long days and audio books made the time pass quickly.  The highlights of the trip were spending a weekend in Kansas City, MO while Skip attended a wood-turners conference, visiting Yellowstone for the first time, spending time with Skip’s daughter Jen & Bill in Denver, seeing my brother Alan passing through Denver and visiting Skip’s sister Nancy and Don in Ellijay, GA.

Eating Donuts at the Top of Pike’s Peak

Here we go again
Here we go again! Bailey is secured in the back seat along with the luggage and golf clubs.  Our first interesting stop was in Independence, MO to visit the Truman Library.  We had visited the Truman White House in Key West last year so we thought it would be nice to see his library since it’s so close to Kansas City.

My impression is that he was a hard-working, honest guy who made some incredibly difficult decisions during very turbulent years.  The most interesting part of the library was his office that he set up and worked from until his death.

Next, it was on to Kansas City where Skip attended the National Wood-Turners conference.  At night we explored the city in search of the best barbecue.  During the day I visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and went on a bus trip with the ‘wives of wood-turners’ to Powell Botanical Gardens.

I could have spent days wandering the halls of the art museum.  I got bored following along with the ladies at the gardens and just wandered on my own.  They had a central lake with an island ringed by a living rock wall (plants growing from the crevices of the rocks) and the most spectacular collection of day lilies in bloom.

It was a beautiful day to wander the sculpture garden.  I love those whimsical Claus Oldenburg sculptures of shuttlecocks!

The buildings at the Powell Botanical garden were designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

After Kansas City we continued west through Nebraska and into Wyoming.  We spent one night in Cheyenne where we found an excellent Thai restaurant.  Our next stop was in Jackson Hole, WY.  We visited there once before and explored the Grand Tetons.  This time we just walked around town and enjoyed being out of the car!

Jackson Hole
The obligatory photo under the antlers.

Jackson Hole is full of nice galleries and restaurants.  Our favorite meals were at Hatch Taqueria and Bin 22.  The margaritas at Hatch were so good and we gorged ourselves on unusual Tapas at Bin 22 while discovering new favorite wines.

The sky darkened one afternoon in Jackson Hole and, being the sailors that we are, we knew to take cover.  We got a table at a nice cafe for lunch just as the wind picked up and it started to hail!  Haven’t seen anything like that in a while!

We bypassed the Grand Tetons to spend as much time in Yellowstone as possible.  We arrived too early to check in to our cabin at Old Faithful so we just hung around and watched the geyser erupt.


Driving by the Grand Tetons
Driving by the Grand Tetons
Driving by the Grand Tetons
Bailey was here
Watching Old Faithful for the 1st time
Old Faithful Erupts
Watching Old Faithful for the 1st time
Bailey is not impressed

While waiting around it started to storm and got cold.  We had moved the car close to our cabin so we waited a while for the rain to slow down.  We bought some food at the cafeteria and hunkered down in our tiny cabin for the night.

Yellowstone cabin
Tiny but heck, we lived on a boat!

We awoke to temperatures in the 40s.  No shorts today!