The HermitageOur last trip to Cat Island, an out island in the Bahamas, was in 2010 on our boat.  It was a lot easier getting there by plane although we did have a weather delay out of Ft. Lauderdale that left us with very little time before our connection in Nassau.  I was happy to land on Cat Island after a 45 minute flight on an aging plane with no air-conditioning!

Our best sailing and traveling buddies, Rick and Eva, invited us to stay with them at one of their favorite resorts, Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island.  Our little cottage on the beach was the perfect setting for a relaxing and fun vacation. 

Life at Fernandez Bay Village  is very simple.  No need to carry money, no shoes, no worries!  We quickly settled into our cottage at the far end of the beach and took a 5 minute walk down the beach for happy hour at the honor bar followed by dinner out on the patio.  The food is mostly simple Bahamian fare which I love.  Over the course of our stay we had conch fritters, grilled and cracked lobster, grilled Mahi and Grouper along with simple vegetables, peas and rice, grits and, best of all, johnnycake!

Going to dinner

Dressed for dinner


Fernandez Bay


My favorite colors

The guys
The guys are chillin

Eva and I took the complimentary shuttle to the grocery store to pick up some snacks.  Just like other out island stores, it’s tiny with very to choose from. We managed to score a few essentials: rum, ginger beer, Pringles, cheese and crackers!

We also rented a car so that we could explore the island for a few days.  The car rental process was basically handing over a credit card, getting the key and getting the rules – drive on the left, no big dents or broken glass!

Fine Bay

Exploring the beaches on the ocean side.

The conch salad is suberb
Lunch at Yardies with their delicious freshly made conch salad.

A good motto.

Exploring the island is a real adventure.  After lunch we bushwhacked our way to an excellent swimming spot on the ocean side called Sandy Bay.  To get there we passed muddy salt flats and the dump while scraping and bouncing our way through the bushes.  It was worth it! (And many thanks to Rick, our fearless driver!)

Bushwacking on the road to the beach

Our Honda was a relic, complete with cassette player!

Sandy Bay


Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay

We could stay here all day!

Beach Trash

This is what the beaches look like on the ocean side.  Plastic trash ends up here with no place to go.  That’s what I think about every time I take a plastic bag or buy something with gratuitous plastic packaging.

Creepy blue boy
Creepy blue boy

Beach Trash
Remnant from the freighter El Faro that sank during hurricane Joaquin last year.

No one wants to get out.
They’re still swimming

Beach Trash art
Beach trash art

Beach Trash art
Beach trash art

Beach Trash art
More trash


Pink sand beach
Pink sand beach

Dinner on the veranda
Dinner on the veranda. (We were also dinner for the noseeums!)


Beautiful sunset.  It was too cloudy for a green flash.

We had storms off and on.  I didn’t mind having some overcast days because the sun is pretty intense.

Point Cottage
Porch view

Our cottage was cute and comfortable. It’s air-conditioned except for the bathrooms which have windows open to the outside. Some of the island creatures like to visit the bathrooms. I was warned to turn on the light at night because frogs and lizards like to hang out in the toilet!

The power went off with the flow of storms and the occasional snake visiting the power box.

Our beach was the perfect place to hang out and swim or kayak. We paddled through the mangroves on winding paths that lead to yet another beautiful beach. It’s important to check the tides because at low tide there’s not enough water to kayak through.





We spotted sea turtles, rays and small sharks.


Trying the paddle board
I tried the paddle board and it is as hard as it looks!
We visited The Hermitage which sits on the highest hill in the Bahamas – 206 ft.

steep climb through the stations of the cross

It’s a steep climb to the top but there’s also a longer trail that’s easier.

The lawyers have been here

This sign wasn’t here a few years ago.  Guess someone tried to sue!

Looking towards New Bight

From the top you can see boats anchored by the cell tower in New Bight.  That’s where we stayed in 2010!

The Hermitage

It’s much tinier than it looks from far away.  The builder, Father Jerome, was a master of perspective.

Shanna's Cove

We visited Shanna’s Cove, a newer resort, close to the northernmost tip of the island.

Lunch at Shanna's Cove

We enjoyed the stunning view and home-made pizzas for lunch at Shanna’s Cove.  It looks like a great place to stay if you don’t mind a climb down to the beach.

After lunch and another treacherous car ride we found the beach near Shanna’s Cove.

Shanna's Cove
Shanna’s Cove resort is off in the distance.

Butterfly shell
I found several sunrise tellin shells on the beach. They remind me of butterflies.

Here’s another spectacular sunset to end our visit.

On our last night at Fernandez Bay Village I spotted a new couple that looked very familiar.  Turns out that they were from Vero Beach and were heading home after staying on a friend’s boat.  Small world!  Someday I’ll figure out where I remember them from!

We lucked out on our trip home and caught an earlier flight from Nassau to Ft. Lauderdale. I hope we have a chance to visit Cat Island again. I love everything about the out islands (except the biting bugs!). It’s uncrowded and relaxed with friendly people and beautiful scenery.