Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Its origins go back to 450 BCE. We visited the Diocletian’s Palace in the center of the old city. The palace is a marvel of ancient construction

Sunset in Split

dating from 305 AD. Split
Wandering the streets and alleys around the palace reminded me a lot of Venice and are home to restaurants and shops. The shops include a wide mixture of tacky, trendy and snooty.

Diocletian's PalaceRendering of the original Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian's Palace
Cavernous rooms in the lower level of the Palace

Don't mess with me!He looks formidable!

Arched ceiling in the Diocletian's Palace
Arched ceiling

Original timber in the Diocletian's PalaceOriginal timber

A marvel of ancient architecture in the Diocletian's Palace
Beautiful arches

Diocletian's Palace

Ancient sewer pipes in the Diocletian's Palace
Original sewer pipes. Those Romans were very clever!

Diocletian's Palace

Having fun touring Split Split

SplitKitty guards the mosaic floors
Kitty guards the mosaic floors

Bell tower

Another lovely Rose

All that walking made us hungry and thirsty. We discovered a lovely restaurant called Bokeria and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

Mussels for lunch
Mussels for me

Fancy burgerJuicy burger for Skip

Hotel Marmont in Split
Our hotel is tucked away in the walls of the Diocletian’s Palace.

After lunch the guys went back to the hotel to chill while Eva and I checked out the shops. We got back to the hotel with time for a nice, long shower. The first ‘land shower’ after being on a boat all week is the best!

We found a quiet place for dinner with decent food and wine. I had enough of fish and lamb so I opted for the home-made ravioli. You can definitely see the Italian influence with Croatia being so close to Italy.

Waterfront promenadeThe waterfront promenade is the perfect place for people-watching Split

Wandering around the waterfront after dinner gave us a splendid view of the sunset.

More guy talk while eating gelato

The alarm went off at 3:45am to catch a taxi ride for our early flight back to London. It was pouring rain! We got to the airport before 5am and lined up. The workers didn’t start until 5:30 but the still managed to get everyone processed through and loaded up for the 6:15 flight. Guess they’ve done this before!

Leaving SplitLeaving Split Leaving Split

Our flight to Zagreb took 45 minutes in a prop plane. We grabbed a quick breakfast (coffee!!!) before catching our connection to London. We arrived in Heathrow in a little over 2 hours.

We parted ways with Rick and Eva. They were on their way back to London for a day at Wimbledon. Skip and I boarded the express bus to Gatwick where we would spend the night before our flight home the next day.

We were exhausted but not in a big rush to get to our B&B near Gatwick so we sat down at the airport for a big English breakfast complete with tea.

English BreakfastThat’s a lot of food! Latchett’s cottage is a small B&B out in the English countryside about 10 minutes from Gatwick airport. Yes, we could have stayed in a non-descript hotel at the airport but I thought a last night on vacation should be more special. Latchett's Cottage

The hosts were lovely and Kerry kept us amused.  It was a lot like staying with your grandparents!

Kerry loves tennis balls
At one point Kerry had both tennis balls in her mouth

We took a long walk in the countryside and stopped on the way back at a pub for a bite to eat.

Our flight back home was long and uneventful. What a great way to end a memorable trip!