Our next stop was Stormorska, a small village on the island of Šolta.  When we arrived there was only one spot left at the dock (thanks to Roko getting a reservation.)  He squeezed us in with little room to spare!

StomorskaWe walked around the pretty town and wandered up the hills to breathtaking views.

The houses on the hillsides had lush gardens full of vegetables and flowers.



Looking towards Split


StomorskaPizza meal in Stomorska
For dinner we had pizza cooked in a brick oven. The view was amazing with the sun setting behind the hills.


StomorskaEvening at the dock was very lively with people partying on their boats and the locals sitting at nearby cafes.  Young children were out playing in the late hours.  It’s nice to know that there are still places where children can run wild without worries.

On Friday we had a leisurely morning.  Everyone went their separate ways for a morning walk.  We made it all the way across the street and joined Pat and Emily at a cafe for coffee and wifi.

We left the marina and motored with the wind on the nose to a lovely anchorage near the Agana Sunsail base.

Relaxed sailing

Sailing back to Agana
Not ready for the sailing week to end

The multi-colored water was reminiscent of the Bahamas and it was a great place for a final swim.

Lunch anchor near Agana

We concocted a lunch of whatever was left – more cheese, ham, tomatoes, egg salad, olives and bread.

Lunch anchor near Agana

Swimming in the Aegean Sea
One last swim

Roko attempted a final sail on our way back to the base.  We had about 1/2 hour under reefed main before the wind got too squirrely.

Back in port we did our best to drink up whatever was left – wine, beer and grappa.

What's in the freezer?
Our freezer contents. It was all gone by morning.

Agana Marina
Back at the Sunsail base in Agana

We said farewell to Roko and gave him a generous tip. He really made our week relaxing and fun. We learned a little about Croatian culture and language from him. He also introduced us to some dining experiences we would have never discovered on our own.

We had an adequate dinner at one of the local places near the marina — more octopus salad and pizza. Afterwards, we headed back to the boat to pack and finish off the liquor.

Good Croatian beer
Good Croatian beer

We cleaned up the boat and did a last run through in the morning.  I couldn’t believe all that beer was gone!

We had breakfast at the marina cafe.  They make really good espresso coffee in Croatia.   Our breakfast eggs have bright orange yolks.

We said goodbye to Emily and Pat who were staying a few days extra in a resort.  The rest of us piled into a taxi for the 45 minute ride to Split.  Our driver only spoke German so at least we didn’t have to make small talk.  He left us close to our hotel but we still had to wander around the narrow alleys to find it.  Thank goodness for Rick’s navigation skills!

The Marmont hotel is a small boutique hotel within the walls of the Diocletian’s Palace.  We couldn’t check in yet so we left our bags and went on a quest for more coffee at the waterfront.  I already had my quota of coffee and indulged in my first Coke Zero in almost 2 weeks!

To be continued…