When we visited my brother Alan last summer, he asked us for some ideas to spruce up his cabin in Strawberry, AZ.  I picked out paint colors and he fixed up the bathroom on his own.  This trip we planned to update his kitchen in 3 days.  Skip and I love this stuff!

He sent me some pictures and we did some planning ahead of time.  I have to say that I was a little skeptical that we could pull this off.

This is the ‘before’ shot. The room was very brown and looked dated.  It also needed some major Harriet-style cleaning!

Big improvement
Here’s the ‘after’ shot. A big improvement, so much brighter.

Kitchen project underway
This is what the room looked like when we arrived. Alan had already painted the walls and removed the cabinet doors.

Alan sands the doors
On the first day Alan and Skip sanded the doors and cabinets

Cabinets painted, primer coat on the countertop
By the end of day 1 we had the cabinets painted, sink removed and primer coat on the countertop

On day 2 we hung the cabinet doors after Skip installed new hardware. Alan and I did a faux finish on the countertops to make them look like granite. The Giani paint kit was very easy to do and came out better than I expected. We applied 3 different colors over the black base coat using crumpled plastic bags. Then we used small brushes to paint veins. The last coat was a clear topcoat. It was very easy and fun to do.

Second coat
Countertop with 2 coats of faux granite paint applied

Looks like granite!
This is after I applied the topcoat. Looks pretty good compared to the ugly formica!

Bailey is interested
Alan hooks up the new sink. Bailey is interested in the flashlight!

Day 3 – Skip and Alan install new lights and fan.

Alan's spruced up kitchen
Just about done. Alan installed the blinds after we left and hung up some pictures. It looks so much better!  He found the hutch at a local shop.

New rug
We even got a new rug. Alan is going to look for new chairs and paint the door blue.

It was a tiring 3 days but very satisfying.  Alan was so enthusiastic and not daunted by any task.  He also was not too proud to let his sister clean his kitchen!