The second day of our Provence tour included a walking tour of Aix and a visit to Cassis on the Mediterranean coast. In Aix we walked the narrow cobblestone streets of the medieval section. There are several markets to explore. We also visited the newer side where Cezanne was born, lived and studied.

Flower market
Street markets are open several days a week and are full of lush flowers, fruits, vegetables and local items. I wish I could shop like this back home!

Pretty garlic

PotteryLove these!

Lush cherries
We saw heavily laden cherry trees in the countryside

Look at the variety of fish
Look at the variety of fresh fish

Delicious sausages

These small melons are delicious with Serrano ham

I yearn for tomatoes like these

Entrance to the old city
Entrance to the old city – small for protection

Cathedral Saint-Sauveur
Saint-Sauver is a 4th century cathedral with ancient roman columns. It was built on a Roman site. Inside you can see the remains of a Roman road.

Cours Mirabeau
Cours Mirabeau is the central avenue and hub of the city. On market days the streets are lined with vendors

Heading to the Mazarin Quarter
Walking through the newer side of town, the Mazarin section was built during the time of Louis XIV for the wealthy to live

Fountain of natural ground water keeps the moss growing
This curious fountain is covered with moss because it’s fed with ground water

On the way to Cassis we stopped to gaze at Mont St. Victoire from the spot where Cezanne painted it many times. I still remember standing in front of his painting in the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Standing where Cezanne painted Mont St. Victoire

Mont St Victoire
What an inspiring view

When Sarah said that we were going to visit Cassis on the Mediterranean coast and take a boat ride my heart did a little skip. Boat ride? Oh yes!

Cassis is located on the quieter end of the Mediterranean coast, away from the bustle of the Cote d’Azur.

We had lunch at one of the seafood restaurants that line the shore. I had to have mussels and fries again. This time, Rick-style with Roquefort cheese!

Lovely white wine
Lovely wine from a local vineyard

Mediterranean shoreline
I had to walk down to beach and stick my feet in the water. Chilly!

We took a boat ride out to visit the calanques, rocky inlets along the coast.

Safe harbor

Secluded beach

To end a perfect day we stood on the top of the highest maritime cliff in Europe.

Beautiful shoreline

This is hard to beat!