We spent 3 wonderful days touring Provence with Sarah from Discover Provence.  She picked us up each day and introduced us to the beauty of Provence.  Talk about no stress!  We didn’t have to figure out where to go, how to get there, where to park and what to see.  Plus, we were only with 2 other couples, not a herd of people.  We learned so much about the history, art and culture of Provence. I can’t wait to go back and see more!

Enjoying our tour with Sarah - Discover Provence
Enjoying our tour with Sarah. We highly recommend her tours!

Our first day’s theme was Van Gogh and the historical sites in Arles.  We visited places where Van Gogh painted and lived.

Van Gogh's Yellow House
Yellow House

Roman Arena
Roman Arena – They still hold bull fights here

Love the colors of Provence
Love the colors of Provence

Van Gogh painted here
Courtyard of a local hospital where Van Gogh was taken.

These are the only Van Gogh Paintings you'll see in Arles
Sadly, these are the only paintings you’ll see in Arles. Van Gogh became famous after his death and most of his paintings ended up in The Van Gogh museum in The Netherlands

We visited an olive mill and learned how olive oil is made.

Tasting olive oils
After a few tastes, we had to bring some home!

Roman Arch near Glanum
Roman arch near the archeological site of Glanum

Glanum was discovered in 1927. Hard to believe they uncovered a 7th century B.C. Roman city that lay below the surface for a few thousand years. It’s only partly excavated because they ran out of money.


Reconstructed columns that show the original height of buildings
Reconstructed column that shows the height of the original city

It’s humbling to walk on an ancient site and think about the people who lived there

St. Paul Monastery
This is St. Paul Monastery where Van Gogh lived and did most of his painting. His painting career lasted only a few years but left a huge impression on the world

Van Gogh
He was not a happy man

View from Van Gogh's bedroom window
View of the gardens from Van Gogh’s bedroom


Enjoying Van Gogh sites
We really enjoyed learning about Van Gogh today!