We awoke to a gray morning but at least it wasn’t raining. The driving station on top of the boat doesn’t have any protection from weather. When you see the size of the bridges we drive under you’ll know why!

I was so happy to see boats coming down the canal because that meant the strike was over. I did a little happy dance as the first boat went by and the Germans aboard looked at me like I was a crazy lady!

Our boat tied up on the canal
Our boat moored on the canal using stakes pounded into the ground

In the lock. We are ‘locking down’ on our trip meaning that we are going from higher to lower water levels.

Cruising on the Canal du Midi
Driving along. The boat has 2 steering methods, the wheel or a joystick, and also a bow thruster.

Watch out for tree branches
You have to stay alert for low branches and bridges


We stopped for lunch in Paraxa by pulling over to the side and tying up to our stakes pounded into the ground. As we left, Skip said “At least we don’t have to worry about dragging anchor”. Hahaha. As we were leisurely finishing lunch a guy came into the restaurant and said that a boat came loose in the canal. Merde! Rick and Skip along with the help of the restaurant’s chef quickly got the boat tied up again. The only things we lost were one metal stake, our last few sips of wine and a little dignity!

The food here is amazing. Every meal, even the ones in the airport and hotel, seems more fresh and wholesome than our usual fare back home. Even the wine is different. I won’t say how many bottles we’re averaging per day but I haven’t had a single hangover. I could get used to this!

Lunch at Guinguette in Argens-Minervois

Wine tasting - Minevois
Wine tasting

Rose for lunch
Rose for lunch. Yes, the ‘pink stuff’ is really good here!

Asparagus tart (quiche) and salad for lunch

We continued on the le Somail to stop for the night. I love walking around the small towns and seeing old walls with painted shutters and lots of spring flowers blooming.

She was very lovely,
She was lovely!


Wandering the streets of Argens-Minervois
Walking in Argens-Minervois

Bridge in le Somail
Bridge in le Somail

Canal du Midi at le Somail
Canal spectators


French cruisers
French cruisers

Vineyards everywhere

Our first aqueduct – a water bridge!