For some reason we never anchored in Pipe Creek when we were cruising.  It could be that the cruising guides warnings about strong currents and using 2 anchors kept us away.  Or maybe it was the shallow depths and the boats we traveled with were over  6 ft draft.  At any rate, we finally got to explore Pipe Creek with Calypso.

Rick found an anchoring spot in a deep hole with room for only one boat.  Once the anchor set, it was perfectly situated, still in the wind and current but without any chop or swell.

Pipe Creek view

At low tide there are large sand flats, perfect for finding sand dollars.

I made 15 dollars plus one small sea biscuit
I made 15 dollars! (and one small sea biscuit)

Pipe Creek

Starfish and live sand dollar
Live starfish and sand dollar

Hermit crab living in a conch shell
A hermit crab masquerading as a conch

Finding sand dollars
Shopping at the sand dollar store

We hiked over to the Exuma Sound side of Thomas Cay to look for shells and sea glass.

Beach on the Sound side of Thomas Cay
The beach was beautiful but we had to survive a trial to get there

Yucky mud pit
A yucky mud flat where your feet sank in above the ankle and it smelled like poop!

One of Rick’s creations


Victor and Gigi
On the way back to the boat we visited Victor and Gigi on Salty Turtle

Calypso in Pipe Creek
Still a pretty boat, even with the cruiser paraphernalia

One day we dinghied over to Compass Cay Marina to have lunch and hang out with the pet sharks.

Kalik goes well with sharks
Kalik goes well with sharks

Having fun at Compass Cay marina

Having a beer and solving the problems of the world

Pet sharks

Tucker's famous burger
Tucker’s famous cheeseburger

I'd like some of that please
I’d like some of that please

Feeding leftovers to the sharks
Sharks get the leftovers

Compass Cay beach
Compass Cay Beach

Dave's Planetarium
Beach art – Dave’s Planetarium

As far as we will go

Sunset glow
Okay, one sunset. I saw a bit of a green flash one night. Could have been the rum!

My Women Who Sail shirt
Sailing back to Staniel Cay sporting my Women Who Sail T-shirt. It’s a great Facebook page, you can join if you are a woman sailor or boater.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Beautiful Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Some parting shots:
Pipe Creek
Pipe Creek – One of those boats is Salty Turtle!

Compass Cay
Compass Cay. We anchored in front of Pipe Cay in the foreground

Cambridge Cay off to the left
Cambridge Cay is on the left

In case you’re wondering about Bailey, he had no idea we left him to re-visit some of his favorite beaches.  Our friend, JoAnne, stayed with him at our house.  She said they had fun after he got over the trauma of us leaving him.  He sent this email via JoAnne the first night:

Dear mom and dad, surprise. It wasn’t you that came back yesterday. I was ready to greet you but it was that stranger.  So I ignored her. I wouldn’t go outside.  I hid and she thought I was lost.  Finally she just put my leash on ( 4 hours later) so I just stood in the driveway..
She did feed me and I ate when she wasn’t looking.  I went out but just stood.
But she’s okay and I’m cuddled next to her now.  When I barked at 0300, she kindly took me out.  We are now best friends.  
And I’ll be kinder to her tonight.  I like sleeping in her room.

We had such a great time visiting Rick and Eva.  I miss having our boat but am so thankful to have such great friends invite us along on their adventures!