Sailing in the Exumas with Rick and Eva on Calypso for a week was like coming home for us.  It’s just as beautiful and unspoiled as the last time we sailed there 3 years ago.

Swimming hole
Swimming hole on Cambridge Cay

Getting there was a piece of cake.  After an easy 2 hour drive to Ft. Lauderdale, we parked right in front of the Watermaker airline hangar in the Executive airport.  A short flight on a little airplane (we sat right behind the pilot) and we were on Andros Island to check in to the Bahamas.  It took all of 10 minutes and we were off to Staniel Cay.

Leaving Ft. Lauderdale
Leaving Ft. Lauderdale

No, he's not texting!
No, he’s not texting! I think he’s eating lunch.

Near Thunderball Grotto
Anchorage near Staniel Cay

We spent the first night anchored in Big Majors off the famous pig beach.

Swimming porker
A porker swims out to eat our moldy bread. We could never get this close with Bailey in the dinghy!

Piglets on the beach
Piglets on the beach

Eva and Rick
Our wonderful hosts, Eva and Rick, looking a little less corporate these days

We spent the next 2 days at one of my favorite spots, Cambridge Cay. Rick took me snorkeling at the Coral Gardens. I was happy to see that the elk horn coral was still looking good.

Elkhorn coral

Diver Rick
Diver Rick

Brain coral


Snorkeling inside Rocky Dundas
We also went into the cave at Rocky Dundas

Inside Rocky Dundas cave

Inside the cave
Looks like the dragon’s throat!

Brilliant corals and matching fish
Brilliant corals and matching fish

Rocky Dundas
Cave entrance

Honeymoon beach is my happy place. There are shady trees and a deep swimming hole just off the beach.


Toes match sea
Toenails must match scenery!

There’s no shelling in the Park so I collected photos instead.

Selfie at the beach


The guys hanging out
The guys are chilling

We snorkeled near those rocks
We snorkeled out towards those rocks

So true!
So true!

Cambridge Cay mooring field
Cambridge Cay mooring field

I spy a bananaquit
I spy a bananaquit!

Bell Rock
Bell Rock

Climbing up for a better view
Climbing up for a better view

Indescribable water colors
Indescribable water colors

Cambridge Cay Mooring field
View of the mooring field

Enjoying Cambridge Cay

Captain Rick and Chef Eva
Captain Rick and chef extraordinaire Eva

Kayak view
I kayaked to the beach from the boat

Getting a SUP lesson
Rick gives a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) lesson

Fun but hard to turn around in the current
Fun but hard to turn around in the current

clear water
Clear water

Lined sky
Stripy evening sky

Morning Squall with 45 kt gustsWe awoke to a squall with 45 knot gusts – time to move to a more protected spot!

We left Cambridge Cay after 2 perfect days and motored to Pipe Creek to wait out a front coming though. To be continued…