The sail to Vieques was mostly downwind and a bit rolly. Jeff put out the fishing lines and we got pretty excited when a fish was spotted. Alas, it was only a big barracuda (which can’t be eaten because they carry a nasty disease called ciguatera.)

As we turned around the southern point of the island we made our way into the anchorage at Bahia de la Chiva.  Only one other boat was anchored there.

Bahia de la Chiva
Bahia de la Chiva – quiet and unspoiled

Warning Signs - Better learn your 3 R's here!
Unspoiled – except for maybe a few unexploded bombs

Nice sail shape
Nice sail shape

Fish On!
Jeff reels in a fish

Big Ugly Barracuda
Barracuda 😦


Bahia de la Chiva
There were only a few people on the beach, mostly visitors from nearby resorts

Ghost crab

After the rockiest night of our trip  we pulled up the anchor and traveled the short distance to Esperanza – the main town on Vieques.

Esperanza has little shops and restaurants.  We had lunch at Duffy’s where the sign at the bar says “No wifi – Put down your phone and talk to somebody.”

Lunch libation

Through the palms

For dinner we ate at El Quenepo where it was like entering a world of fine dining. The food and service were outstanding. I had the special – mofungo that was made into a bowl and filled with a lobster mix.

A peek of sun
A peek of sun ends the evening. No green flash…

On our last day of vacation we sailed to Paliminos, a small island close to where we started. The island has a beach used by the El Conquistador guests and is a popular spot for Puerto Ricans enjoying their weekend.

Joyce at the helm
Joyce at the helm as we sail to Paliminos

Palaminos is packed with locals competing for the ‘my music is loud and obnoxious’ award. We didn’t get too close!

Thankfully, they all left at sunset (some with the assistance of tow boats.)

Sunrise over Palaminos
Sunrise over Palaminos

Next morning we headed back to the marina. Fuel up, clean up and taxi to the airport.

Pirate ship used in Pirates of the Carribean lives at the marina

Ship ancored near Fajardo
This ship was anchored near the marina: Eos, the largest private sailing vessel in the world – 305 ft

We stopped in Pinones for lunch.  It’s a beautiful beach near the airport that’s mostly visited by locals on the weekends.  It was practically deserted on a Monday.


Lunch at Pinones

A final shot ends a lovely vacation!