The blog is getting a little stale because there’s not much to write about when we’re not traveling.  We’re just enjoying life in paradise!


I took some time to update my links and get rid of ones that are no longer active. I recently joined a Facebook group called Women Who Sail and am having a lot of fun seeing posts from other women sailors.  I even met a bunch at the last happy hour at the Vero marina.  I hope my blog still has useful information for new cruisers and people heading to the Bahamas.

Around Thanksgiving we had plenty of visitors.  Most were cruisers passing through Vero.  It was great seeing everyone and catching up on their adventures. Our sailing buddies, Rick and Eva (Calypso), were in town for about 2 weeks getting ready for their first crossing to the Bahamas.  We had fun helping them get ready and providing our ‘expert’ advice!

Thanksgiving at our house included Rick and Eva, Joe (Onward) and Ed and Tina (Merlin).  I still can’t believe that we said goodbye to Joe last year in Myrtle Beach and never caught up with him.  A whole year passed with lots of (good) changes for us…

ThanksgivingThanksgiving – we are thankful for having good friends!

Joe and Skip renew their bromance
Joe and Skip renew their bromance

We also got to see Al and Arlene (Blue Heaven), Vic and Gigi (Salty Turtle), David and Catherine (Solitaire II), Dennis and Vivian (Aliva), John and Cathy (Makani) and so many others I can’t remember!

We took a short trip last week to visit Disney World.  Might as well take advantage of the Florida resident discounts!  We stayed at a dog-friendly hotel outside the park.  It’s not as convenient as staying in the park.  We weren’t inclined to visit after dark since it’s difficult finding your way out at night.

Epcotting today
I didn’t take many photos in Disney (been there, done dat!)

It was fun to see Epcot and Hollywood Studios again.  Our first stop in Epcot was a trip to Mars..not a good idea.  It’s an intense simulation ride with plenty of warnings about motion sickness (that we didn’t heed.)  We both got off feeling sweaty and queasy.  After that, we headed for the more sedate country exhibits.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch in France (preparing for our first trip to France next year!)

The second day we met my friend Debbie for lunch at the Yacht Club.  Our trips happily coincided and it was great to catch up.


The day at Hollywood studios was relaxing.  We agreed that the best show was the stunt cars making a movie.  After getting home I caught a cold.  (Must remember to take lots of hand sanitizer next time – too many germy kids!)

We’re still working on our house.  With most of the big projects done, we’re working on little updates.  Skip’s workshop is shaping up nicely.  He just bought a lathe.  Bowls for everyone!!!

Rearranged furniture
Still rearranging the furniture. We got a neat driftwood lamp and panels for the sliding door.

New Cabinet
New cabinet in the living room

Whale (and window shade)
The whale and roman shades are new

Plantation shutters
Plantation shutters on the dining room window

wine cooler
The wine fridge is in. Skip is building a pantry cabinet for above.

I replanted the pool containers because they were looking shabby. We still need to replace the broken tiles in the pool.

Holiday front doors
Holiday front doors

I’m still having fun with watercolor painting. These are some of my completed exercises.
My first iris
Palm trees and birdsIMG_3813IMG_3814