We Sold the Boat

I’m sure many people are just as horrified as I was every time I read that a cruiser decided to sell their boat.  It’s really hard to imagine until you actually reach the point where you don’t want to cruise any more.  We’ve been on our boat most of the past 5 years.  It’s been fabulous but we’re ready for a change.


The last trip south was not fun.  We had hurricane Sandy, Skip’s infected hand, cold weather and got stuck in Vero all winter.  It all turned out well with a life-changing move to Vero Beach.  We love it; however, it’s not so easy to keep a sailboat here.  It was challenging to find insurance and a good place to keep the boat.  Not to mention, there’s no place to sail nearby!  We talked about going to the Bahamas next winter but after a heart-to-heart discussion, we came to the conclusion that neither of us have any desire to live on the boat again.

Moondance is such a great boat that it would be a shame not to use her and let her just bake in the Florida sun.  We listed the boat right before we left on our road trip.  The second person that came to look at her made an offer that we accepted.  The sea trial and survey went well and the deal went through last week.

We are so happy that the new owners plan to take the boat cruising.  They also have a dog and knew all about us from my blog.  How cool is that?!  They are moving Moondance to Alabama sometime next month and plan to keep the name.  Moondance cruises on!

As for my blog, I will continue writing about our new home, travels, sailing and anything else I feel like saying.  After all, it’s a blog and I can do whatever I want with it!  I understand if people who are only interested in my cruising stories don’t want to read it any more.  I don’t know who most of you are anyway so I won’t even notice!

12 responses to “We Sold the Boat

  1. Moondance is a beautiful boat and will make her new owners very happy. You can always go back when you tire of being “dirt dwellers”

  2. Congrats on the sale, best wishes on your next chapter

  3. Dear Harriet, Skip and Bailey.
    It seems this year is a year of change. We have been cruising full-time for 5 years too and this year decided to become swallows. 6 months in SA and 6 cruising. Cruising full time is a tough life and we had wonderful adventures and met amazing people.
    Glad to know Moondance will sail on. Boats are family and it’s hard letting go.
    Enjoy the next season in your lives and don’t be strangers on Mojito and Me.
    Hugs, Patricia & James

  4. As another friend of ours said when chastised for selling his boat and moving ashore, “you have to be kidding, it’s [cruising] not a religion.”

    We plan on another two years. Whenever we come by Vero we’ll give you a shout. Don’t get too wrinkled in the pool!


  5. We are so happy that you will be our “not too far away” neighbors again.

  6. Its good to have change in your life. Enjoy your new home.

  7. Best of luck with your next adventures. I’ve enjoyed your blog from afar. I popped in today after spotting Bailey in Practical Sailor. (pg-3).
    Scott – Sabre 34 – After Midnight
    P.s.: I’ll still check-in. I hope you keep the helpful “cruising with a dog” available.

    • Hi, Scott. I guess the article in Practical Sailor was poor timing but I submitted it a few months ago! I plan to keep up the blog!

  8. I too say Bailey in the Practical Sailor as I have a Golden Retriever whom we sail with on shorter trips. How ironic, I saw the boat name and our former next door neighbors and good friends were the buyers of your boat. They are wonderful people and will take great care of your boat. Good luck with the next chapter of your life

    • Hah, small world! It was unfortunate that my article was published to coincide with selling the boat. The new owners of Moondance are lovely people (& I love their dog!). I’m looking forward to hearing about new adventures on Moondance.

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