After 5 weeks of driving around the country (almost 7000 miles!), we’re on our way home.  We spent a wonderful weekend with friends Rick and Eva on Calypso, their Sabre 402.

To backtrack, we drove from Dayton, OH to Cumberland, MD.  I have never been to Cumberland…not sure I’d ever go back.  It’s a shame but the town is really dead.  The hotel was full of railroad workers.  We walked through town and checked out the C&O canal trail along the Potomac river.  The canal ends in Cumberland.  The Potomac is a tiny river, nothing like the several miles wide entrance that we’ve crossed on the Chesapeake.  We happened to find a really nice Italian restaurant that must be the most popular place.  It was busy and service was sketchy.

We arrived at Rick and Eva’s house in Laurel around midday.  After settling in and a brief hello to Eva arriving home from work we left Bailey with her so we could meet our old neighbors Ronny and Maureen for dinner.  It was strange to drive into our old neighborhood and see the house where we lived for 14 years.  No regrets other than missing our friends!

While we were gone Eva caught Bailey on her living room couch. He’s a bad, bad boy…

We went to Annapolis on Thursday and brought our stuff aboard Calypso.  It felt strange being on a boat again.  Eva and I did some provisioning and we got to visit and have dinner with Bob and Phyllis.

Friday was a glorious sailing day on the Chesapeake.  With 2 long tacks, we made G1 on Eastern Bay and sailed all the way to just outside MT and Julie’s cove on the Wye River.  I actually can’t remember the last time we sailed.  Must have been on the Neuse River last October!

Glorious day for sailing
Sabres at the dock

Saturday was the annual Chesapeake Bay Sabre Association crab feast at Michael and Julie’s house.  We didn’t make it last year as we were trying to get up the Delaware Bay.  I’d rather not remember that trip!

Captain Rick
Captain Rick

Calypso Eva

We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  I also got a good crab fix.  It’s going to have to last a while!

Enjoying the ride
Enjoying the sail

Sunday, Skip and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with great friends.  We didn’t do much, other than help clean up from the crab feast.  The guys (minus Skip) went out sailing and the girls (plus Skip) chilled by the pool.  We had a great meal along with lots of drinking.  That’s all I’m going to say!

Our trip back to Annapolis on Monday was the typical motoring with no-wind and  choppy seas that I hate.  It was hot too.  We got back in time to meet my sister and niece for dinner.

It was really hard to fit everything in one weekend and I apologize to everyone that I didn’t have a chance to see or call.  We’ll be back again!  Better yet, come see us in Vero!

We left today after having breakfast with Bob and Pam.  Stopping in Florence, SC for the night, we’ll make it home tomorrow.  It’s been great but I’m looking forward to eating at home and sleeping in my own bed!