We’re enjoying the ‘visiting’ stage of our road trip. After leaving Cortez we drove north to visit Mike and Angie at their cabin near Hartsel. On the way we stopped at a little liquor store in Durango to pick up a few bottles of wine. Chatting with the owners we learned that her mother grew up in Skip’s home town of Statesboro, GA and her husband grew up on a sailboat in the Sea of Cortez. They’re saving up to go cruising. It’s a funny small world!

For the first time I didn’t have altitude sickness when visiting Mike and Angie. They live at over 9000 ft and we usually head up there right from the airport. It’s a big adjustment and I usually have a headache for a few days. This time, we approached the altitude gradually!

Angie and Mike
Angie and Mike

We had a great visit…catching up, eating, drinking and relaxing after all of those days of driving. We took a short hike on a railroad grade trail. They told us about their plans to bring Lady of Lorien back across the Atlantic next year to sail in the Bahamas again.

Skip helped them take several loads of branches and tree limbs to the burn pit. They’ve been actively working on making their cabin as defensible as possible in a fire. The nights were crystal clear. Mike got out his new telescope so we could look at the moon. Cool!

Angie made us some fabulous meals, as usual. Bailey behaved himself (for the most part.) He liked barking at the menagerie of birds feasting on the deck feeders. He tried to catch chipmunks without success. The last night we were there, Bailey was anxious and reluctant to go outside. Angie told me that she saw fresh bear scat near their garage. Guess he sensed something out there!

Angie and Mike at their cabin

We headed down to Denver on Thursday to stay with Jen and Bill. We’re having such a good time, I didn’t have time to blog! Jen has saved up some good dining experiences for us. Dinner on Friday at Park Burger was delicious. I had one of their prize-winning burgers and we shared a basket of home-made chips with blue cheese.

On Saturday, Jen didn’t feel well so we left her resting while we scouted out books and music. They have the best independent bookstore here called Tattered Cover. It’s right across from the best music store, Twist and Shout. After helping out the Denver economy we went for dinner at the Cheeky Monk. It’s one of Bill’s favorites because they have mussels and beer tasting. The mussels were fabulous!

Someone went crazy in the music store!
Someone had fun in the music store!

Sunday was a dining extravaganza that started with brunch at Lucille’s, a Louisiana-style cafe. We’re talking beignets, cafe au lait and, my favorite, eggs Rockefeller! Bill started his smoker when we got home and cooked up the best ribs I’ve ever had.

Bill is the rib master
Bill is the rib master!

Best ribs ever
Beautiful bark

We topped off the meal with a home-made peach pie made from local Palisades peaches.

Peach Pie
I made the peach filling while Bill made the crust. I usually just buy a pre-made crust but I think I’ll go with home-made from now on!

Bailey and Jackson
Bailey and his nephew Jackson are barely managing to co-exist. Bailey is very jealous when Jackson gets near me. Skip says that I’m the problem. The dogs are fine when I’m not there…

Jackson is 12 years old and has hip problems. Other than that he’s still his goofy brown-dog self!

On Monday, Bill and Jen got home early from work so we could head out for a concert at Red Rocks. We got there early and picked a perfect spot for tailgating.

Tailgating at Red Rocks before Lyle Lovett.
Yes, that’s Bailey’s crate that we’re using as a table. Might as well make some use of it after schlepping it across the country!

Kris Kristofferson opened for Lyle Lovett. He said he was 77 years old. His voice was a little weak but his arms sure looked buff!

Full moon over Red Rocks

Lyle Lovett was great, as usual. He has a group of excellent musicians and constantly introduces them and gives them credit. He comes across as being a real gentleman. It was a clear, warm night with a full moon–perfect. Jen and Bill had 6th row seats. We bought our tickets later and were in the 31st row. It’s a lovely venue, sitting out under the starts with excellent acoustics. (Note to self – don’t go there again without those seat-back thingies!) Amazingly, some people left early so we were able to move down to the 6th row. I liked looking at the stage instead of the big screen!

Lyle Lovett at Red Rocks
Not a great photo from the 6th row

It was exciting to see Bill and Jen’s finished TV/fireplace project.  He’s been working on this a long time and we’ve seen many of the phases.  Skip even helped build the mantle several years ago.

Completed fireplace

Can you see where the TV comes out?
Can you tell where the TV comes out?

TV up
Really unique and cool!

We’re heading out tomorrow for South Dakota and then eastward.  Maybe I’ll lay off the eating for a while!

True dat!