I’ve always wanted to visit Santa Fe and finally got my chance. It’s my kind of place; the food, shopping, jewelry and arts were all that I expected. We found a nice B&B near the central plaza that accepted dogs. The Inn of the Turquoise Bear is a keeper!  We met people who come every year and were staying there for the 11th time.

Untitled (2013-08-06 17:49:13)
Inn of the Turquoise Bear

Untitled (2013-08-06 17:47:03)
Colt – one of the Inn dogs.  He’s a big un!

We had lunch the first day at the Plaza Cafe where they serve traditional New Mexican food.  Afterwards, we walked around and visited the many shops and galleries around the plaza.

Untitled (2013-08-06 19:34:17)
Santa Fe architecture

Untitled (2013-08-06 01:29:24)
The famous ‘Miracle staircase’ in a church. No one knows how it was made. It has no supports.  The handrails were added later for safety

Untitled (2013-08-06 01:00:56)
Streets of Santa Fe

The B&B had a social hour in the evening.  We sat out on the veranda in the crisp, dry weather with other guests and their dogs.  Bailey was the ‘little guy’ as the other dogs were all pretty big.

On our second day in Santa Fe we visited the Georgia O’Keefe museum.  It was smaller than I thought it would be but had a good representation of her art.  We had seen the movie about her life story so were familiar with her background.   It was interesting to see the short film that included video of her speaking about her love of Santa Fe and the West.

After lunch and some more browsing we returned to the B&B just in time before a voracious thunder-storm hit.  Good thing we brought along Bailey’s thunder shirt.  (I wonder if they make one in my size!)

We left the Inn after breakfast the next day.  I got a big hug from Robert, the innkeeper.  It’s so nice to stay in a B&B after all the chain hotels!  I think we’ll definitely return to Santa Fe again.

Cracked windshield this morning. Hazards of driving out west!
Cracked windshield discovered in the morning. Not sure if it was caused by temperature change or flying rock. Arghhh!

Driving west towards Strawberry, AZ where my brother lives we decided to take a detour through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park.  Skip is making good use of his new senior pass!

The desert and forest were well worth the detour. Bailey liked getting out of the car and checking out the views.

Untitled (2013-08-07 23:16:42)
Painted Desert

Untitled (2013-08-07 23:17:48)
Bailey enjoyed the scenery

Untitled (2013-08-07 23:18:51)
Dog in desert

Untitled (2013-08-07 23:25:23)

Untitled (2013-08-07 23:25:47)
Skip’s new T-shirt from The Blue Dog Cafe

Untitled (2013-08-07 23:56:12)

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:04:26)
A car pulled in towing this – too funny!

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:09:51)
Rock formations called The Teepees

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:10:38)
Goofing around with camera

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:11:33)
The Edge in the desert

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:22:06)
This crow will peck your eyes out if you take anything!

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:25:47)
Petrified wood

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:26:07)
Something looks tasty here

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:27:54)
Reenacting the scene of the crime. Skip’s family drove across country when he was a little boy after his father retired from the Marine Corps. After they visited The Petrified Forest, his mother found a small piece of petrified wood in his pocket. They never let him forget it! He would have liked to return it but he doesn’t know what happened to it.

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:28:39)

Untitled (2013-08-08 00:32:53)
It’s the most unusual forest I’ve ever seen

Standing on the corner...
What one must do when driving through Winslow AZ!

We’re staying at my brother’s cabin in Strawberry AZ, a tiny town north-east of Flagstaff. It’s quiet and peaceful here; not to mention cooler! We drove into Flagstaff today to have lunch and wander around.

Lunch in Flagstaff
Alan and Skip enjoying a local brew

Untitled (2013-08-09 00:35:17)
Flagstaff scenery

Untitled (2013-08-09 00:32:28)
Alan gets low to photograph the railroad tracks

Untitled (2013-08-08 23:12:20)

Untitled (2013-08-08 22:31:38)
Me and my little bro

Untitled (2013-08-08 22:24:34)
Valley near Flagstaff.  We could see a herd of elk pretty far away.

Untitled (2013-08-08 22:24:43)
Jellyfish clouds

Untitled (2013-08-08 22:26:50)
Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe