We reached the boating part of our journey; a short ferry ride from Port Bolivar to Galveston! As we approached the gulf coast I was amazed at the houses sitting way up on concrete pilings. Even so, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near here in a hurricane. There are also lots of motor homes either sitting right on the beach or comfortably ensconced in little huts.

The ferry across to Galveston is free. What a concept! It was nice to be on the water, even for a short time.



The Edge takes a boat ride

Our hotel is right across from the seawall and the gulf. It was quite windy out there today. They’re flying the yellow caution flag for swimmers. The water looked murky, probably churned up by the wind.

We rested up a bit before heading out to explore the town. First priority was to find a late lunch/early dinner. We wandered into The Gumbo Bar in the east side of town and scarfed down some po’boys. Next on the agenda: a duck boat tour! Skip has never been on one. I went once in Boston. We’ve docked near the place where the duck boats leave in Baltimore harbor and were quacked at all day long!

Taking a duck boat ride

Thankfully, This tour didn’t supply duck whistles. It was hot, though. Hmmm…South Texas in July, what were we thinking!

Last on the agenda was letting Bailey run on the beach. He was so excited. I crossed the busy highway and peered over the 17ft drop to see no beach, just rocks. I guess hurricane Ike in 2008 took away the beach. We walked up a little ways to find a bit of beach. It was perfectly fine for stick chasing. If you decide to visit Galveston for the beach, make sure there is one near your hotel!





Our hotel room in Lafayette had a curious column in the middle of the room – a special feature for the dog room?!

BTW, I’m blogging using the WordPress app on the iPad. It leaves a lot to be desired. I tried using the regular WordPress site in Safari and it was very ill-behaved.