A beautiful day at the beach

We’re almost all moved into our house.  The movers had a weight limit on their truck so they’re bringing the rest of our stuff tomorrow.  There are a few greatly missed items–the Tivo, Blu Ray player, lamps, printer…  We made do, being cruisers and used to roughing it!

This is what happens when you can’t find the remotes for the big TV. Yes, those are rabbit ears – no cable yet!

The week before we moved in was a frenzy of activity.  The closing went smoothly on Wednesday – we signed a bunch of papers, blah, blah, blah.  Because we were buying the house from a bank they made a big deal about saying that they weren’t going to release the keys until they had the money in their grubby little hands.  We didn’t pay any attention to that and proceeded to start work on the house and change the locks.  After a few days, Skip emailed the title company and asked about “releasing the keys”.  Oh, yeah, they said,  the keys are released.  Ta dah!

We spent most of Thursday shopping!  Lowes offers a one-time 10% off coupon for new moves.  We already had our shopping list prepared and walked out with 2 full carts along with carpet and doors ordered.  (3 of the interior doors had holes in them and were sitting in the garage.)

Friday was the big day for work to start.  The landscapers showed up before 8am and trimmed the bushes, dug up the ones that couldn’t be saved and manicured the palm trees.  Then they brought in a back hoe and dug up the grass weeds in the back yard and brought in a load of sod.  What a huge difference that made.

Getting lots of work done today. Bushes trimmed and laying sod in the back-too weedy to save. Painting started inside.
Laying sod in the back yard

The painters arrived a short time later and started on the master bedroom.  It took them all week to finish and they did a fabulous job.  We are do-it-yourselfers and had never hired professional painters before.  I’m so glad we did.  It would have taken us months to freshen up those huge rooms with 12 ft ceilings.  They also painted all the wood trim in the house since it was pretty beat up.  We still plan to paint the smaller bedrooms and the bathrooms.

I was so worried about picking out paint colors.  I usually agonize about it anyway but this time I didn’t even have a rug, furniture or fabric on which to base my choice.  I settled on a pale aqua for the main rooms and a slightly bluer shade for the master bedroom.  We love how it turned out.

We had workmen coming and going every day – pest control, alarm system, appliance install and plumber.  I probably forgot a few!  The movers came on Friday and hauled in our stuff.  Since it was my birthday, I had plenty of presents to open!

Living room. I’m glad we brought our old furniture so we can spend time looking for new things that fit in the space

Front door. The light has to go – the glass is cracked.

Family room. Old furniture will be replaced. We put the blinds up yesterday – wicked morning sun!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Our closet (until California Closet installs shelves!)

I love our new appliances!

We got the fancy washer/dryer

It took most of last week to sort through the boxes and put things away.  I tackled the kitchen first.  We took a break for unpacking to enjoy Jen’s visit on Sunday.  She was teaching a class in Tampa and drove over to see the new digs.  We enjoyed showing her around town and sharing ideas about decorating our house.

Jen and Skip

Our new carpet came in earlier than expected.  More moving stuff around…  It looks great!  I’m so glad we decided to replace the carpet in the bedrooms.  They had new carpet and I thought I could live with it but it was just too cheesy looking.   Our painter is picking up the old carpet so at least it will go to good use.

Right after the carpet guys left I went into my sewing room to put something away and saw a wet spot in the closet.  After frantically looking around we determined that the air conditioner in the garage was leaking water.  We had a guy come and look at it and the overflow switch failed so the ?? (forgot what it’s called) had about 2 inches of standing water.  He came back and replaced the switch and fixed the duct and the drainage.  He also cleaned the coils.

All of the neighbors we’ve met are really nice.  Our next door neighbor gave us a little background on the house.  When the owners moved out they rented it to a woman with 3 teenage boys.  She wasn’t home much and the boys partied.  Apparently, it was a real nightmare for the neighbors.  They are very happy we’re here and taking care of things.  The owners/renters hadn’t done any maintenance on the house so that explains why so many things were in disrepair.  We’re hoping that after our initial investment in repairs, things will be easier to keep up.

At least Bailey has all of his toys! We used to live on 3 levels so he had a toy bin on each floor. Now they’re consolidated!