We decided to get off the boat for a few days last week and headed north about 50 miles to Cocoa Beach.  Skip wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center, I wanted to chill at the beach for a few days and Bailey wanted some sofa time.

La Quinta hotels are great for people with pets.  We got a beach front room with a view of the pier.  The beach isn’t as nice as Vero.  It reminded me more of my old stomping ground of Ocean City, MD.  We took Bailey for a few fun walks the first day until someone warned us that is illegal to walk dogs on the beach.  Bailey thinks that’s bogus!

Having fun at Cocoa Beach
Having fun at Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Pier
Cocoa Beach Pier

Enjoying the beach
Enjoying the beach

Cocoa Beach
Cocoa Beach
We always loved stopping at Cocoa on our trips along the waterway and never realized how far inland it is from the coast.  You have to cross both the Indian River and the Banana River to get to the little town of Cocoa.

We spent most of the day on Wednesday at the Kennedy Space Center.  There were a few new exhibits since we last visited.  Skip loves the history of space exploration and I have fond memories of everyone gathering in front of the TV in school to see launches and splash downs.  I also remember my father waking us in the middle of the night to see Neil Armstrong land on the moon.

One of my favorites
This was one of my favorite toys!

I remember him!
Danger Danger!

Rocket evolution
The evolution of rockets

A bit fancier than the Hardy pool!
A bit fancier than the soon-to-be Hardy pool!

The best exhibits were the rocket garden, the Saturn rocket building and the astronaut encounter where we heard woman astronaut talk about her experiences on the space station.  The food choices there were ridiculously expensive and unappealing.  If you visit, pack a lunch!  It wasn’t too crowded but I’m still amazed at all the people running around taking pictures and videos without really stopping to read or learn about anything.  It’s sad how short people’s attention spans are anymore.  While on the tour bus we happened to sit in front of a guy who talked to his daughter at top volume in German the whole trip.  I glared a few times and finally had to say something.  Rude!

Rocket dwarfs Skip
Skip loves looking at the rockets

Angry Birds experience was bogus
The new Angry Birds Experience was a big disappointment to the avid player

Assembly building
View of the Assembly building and the new rocket building platform

Apollo rocket
Saturn V rocket is very impressive

We found some great places to eat and visited our favorite sushi place in Cocoa–Thai Thai.  I have to admit that we also had a fun time shopping at the famous Ron Jon surf shop!  It sounded like it would be a really tacky place but, OMG, they have the biggest collection of sandals I’ve ever seen.  We both bought a pair.

Bailey gets sofa time with sheepie
Bailey liked his sofa time with sheepie

Cruising out of Canaveral
Cruise ship leaves Port Canaveral

Who are you looking at?
Are you looking at me?

There was supposed to be a rocket launch last Thursday but it was delayed one day.   It was have been really cool to view from our hotel balcony but we still were amazed at hearing the roar on Friday night and watching the rocket climb into the evening sky under a full moon rising.  It was spectacular!

On the home buying front, we are all set to settle tomorrow morning–finally!  We have so many activities lined up that we created a tracking spreadsheet.  Shades of our project management days!  We spent a lot of time preparing our shopping list for Lowe’s.  When you’re moving, they give you a one-time 10% off coupon for purchases up to 5K.  Since we’re replacing the carpet in the bedrooms, we’ll have no trouble making good use of the coupon.

Stay tuned for progress news and photos!