We’re moving ahead with buying a house in Vero Beach.  There’s a lot of planning and waiting involved.  We’re supposed to close on May 31st so we’re trying to arrange work on the house the following week with the moving truck arriving on June 7th (oh boy, what a birthday present!)  Before we move in we’ll need to have some painting done, get the tile floors cleaned and resealed and get pest treatments (mucho ants).

We discovered that the pool at our new house has fountains!
House preview–a pool with fountains!

Last week we moved the boat about 2 1/2 miles north to Loggerhead marina located within the luxurious Grand Harbor development.  It’s like moving from the trailer park to the Ritz!  We’re talking clean (!!) marble bathrooms, nice washer/dryers and soooo quiet.  There aren’t many people around and there’s no bridge, airplane or boat background noise.  What a difference…there’s hardly anything for Bailey to bark at!

Moondance's summer home
Moondance’s summer home

New slip
Plenty of room in this slip

Grand Harbor
Quiet Grand Harbor – the main marina is on this side

Moondance heading up the waterway
Our friend Scott (Sangaris) took a photo of us from the Barber bridge. How about that vicious motor boat approaching!

Arriving at Loggerhead
Arriving at Grand Harbor with our fenders showing

Before we left the city marina we had a few whopping storms.  This week has been beautiful with clear skies and cooler, drier air (although Bailey just alerted us that a storm cell is headed our way.)
Storming looming
Storm approaching

Storm's coming
Red = lots of rain and wind

A good time to find leaks
Storms give you an opportunity to find and fix leaks. This one turned out to be an easy fix–sealant around the traveler.

Bailey's prize-winning loot
Doesn’t Bailey look happy with his prize-winning loot?

Bailey loves PetHub!