We arrived back in Vero Beach on Friday. It’s nice to be on the boat again…no more packing! After all the coordination, phone calls, packing and cleaning we left Baltimore lighter and less encumbered. At the last-minute, Skip decided to sell his old Ford Explorer. After the closing tomorrow, we’ll be down to one car and a boat!

In many ways it was a good thing that so many friends and neighbors were sad to see us leave. (I guess that means they liked us;-) While the moving truck was in the driveway, neighbors stopped by to say goodbye and wish us well. It was a bit surreal to me and it hasn’t really sunk in yet that we left Baltimore for good. I’ve never lived any place else so it’s difficult for me to grasp the concept of moving to another State. I just hope that our friends and family will come and visit us in Vero once we have a house!

Lots of cruisers have already crossed back from the Bahamas and are making their way north. We missed Joe (Onward) by a few days. We were texting as we crossed paths, Onward on the ICW and us on I95. At least Pam and Bob (Silhouette) are still here!

I hadn’t read other blogs in a while and recently got caught up. Last night we got together with Sylvia and Tom (Sylestial Star) because I discovered that they were nearby at Loggerhead marina. It was great to see them and hear about their adventures this winter.

Today we’re going out to look at houses with an agent. Skip spent a lot of time over the past month scouring the online listings for houses that we might like. We’ve narrow it down to about 25 houses. We drove around yesterday to get a feel for the locations and neighborhoods. Since most are gated communities, we could only peek in. The online listings are a great tool but it’s difficult to get a feel for the quality of the homes and the neighborhood ambience. Who knows, we might find out dream home today!

Since I MUST have photos on my blog, here are some of the items I discovered while packing:
My wedding suit – size 6, really??!!
My Dad’s baby picture, how cute!
I painted this in high school!
Springsteen tickets for $8.80!
My Barbies
A pastel that I did in art school (I had no idea I would become a sailor!)
A newspaper from 1898 – no idea where this came from
My last oil painting. I didn’t have any idea what those things were for!