Our house sold on the first day and we’re getting ready to move to Vero Beach.  Woot!  We’re busy packing and getting rid of stuff.  We sold some things on craigslist and are holding a garage sale this weekend.  We don’t want to take a lot of furniture to Florida.  Most of it is older and won’t fit with my new decorating plans. (Yes, Bob, I turned off my Pinterest updates on Facebook so you won’t be inundated with Florida decorating ideas!)

We hope to be back in Vero by mid-April to start our house hunt.  We already have some neighborhoods in mind that we really like.  Hope that part goes as smooth as our house sale.

Moondance is sitting patiently at the dock in Vero waiting for us to return.  It was a disappointing sailing trip south in some ways but it lead us to big changes that we’re excited about.  Skip definitely had a ‘hand’ in the process!

For those of you who prefer to read all about sailing in the Bahamas on my blog, don’t despair!  Once we’re settled into our new house, we’ll start making plans to cruise next winter.  Moondance will live in Brunswick, GA this summer which is outside of the hurricane zone and within our current insurance coverage.  She will miss sailing on the Chesapeake but we will probably still make trips up north in the summer.

Bailey is very confused about the changes.  He will be really upset when we sell his sofa.  I wish I could reassure him that a new sofa is in his future!