Just a quick post to let everyone know that we came home to last weekend to get our house ready to sell. We got a one-way rental from Vero Beach and it took an overnight to get here. It’s nice being home…so much space, sleeping in a bed, flushing without pumping and my own washer dryer!  Oh, and it’s cold…brrrrr!

Bailey loves being home. He went right back to his home routines – camping out on the sofa, looking for squirrels on the deck, playing with his stuffed sheltie and chasing the flashlight downstairs.

We’re busy fixing a few things and going through stuff. I spent all day yesterday going sorting through clothes. It’s pretty straight forward since we won’t need any winter clothes. It was depressing to try on some of my old work clothes and they don’t fit any more. I guess I’m having too much fun in retirement. I’m looking into taking some things to a consignment shop, letting my sister go shopping in my closet and donating a lot of stuff.

Today I was up and down the ladder patching a few nail pops and holes where I took down pictures. We really don’t have that much to do to get ready to list the house.  We plan to get rid of most of our furniture so we can redecorate Florida style!

Stay tuned for progress and let me know if you want to get together while we’re home!