painted shadows

We had 2 surprise visitors stop by this week.  The first were Pete and Mary Ann (Micmac) on their way north by car after taking a cruise through the Panama Canal.  We enjoyed hearing about their adventures over lunch at the Riverside Grill.

Pete and Mary Ann
Pete and Mary Ann on their cruise

Our next callers were Eve Marie and Joe, old friends from the Chesapeake Sailing Club.  They were staying at their condo just South of us on Hutchinson Island.  After they dropped their car off for service in Vero they bicycled over to the marina to join us for lunch at Mulligan’s on the beach.  They also had lots of stories to tell about their travels and their first trip down the waterway last winter.

Joe and Eve Marie
Joe and Eve Marie

In between visitors we enjoyed another delicious meal at casa de Larry and Suzi.  They have invited us over a few times for a home cooked meal and to let Bailey lounge on their sofa.  What great friends!

We also drove down to our friends Debbi and Dave’s house for a fun Super Bowl party with the CSC south crowd.  It was so exciting to see the Ravens win.  I’m sure the city is going nuts!

On the “hand” front, Skip saw the infectious disease doctor on Monday and she thought that the infection was gone.  Yay!!  He sees her again on the 18th (hopefully for the last time.)

Since we still have the rental car we’ve explored the Vero Beach area and looking at houses.  Gasp.  Yes, we are considering moving here.  In our few months of hanging around we’ve found it to be a very friendly, comfortable place.  Even in the winter season the roads aren’t too crowded and it’s easy to get around.  We especially like being close to the beach.  It would be a big step for us to move here and we’re still not sure how the boat fits into our plans.  At least from here we’d be a lot closer to the Bahamas!

On one of our excursions we stopped at the McLarty Treasure Museum near Sebastion and learned why this area is called the Treasure Coast.  The museum tells the story about a Spanish fleet of ships that sank off the coast in 1715 with cargoes of coins, gold and jewels.  The sites are still producing treasures every year.

This is why it's called the Treasure Coast
There are treasures out there!

These are the pods that heart beans come from
The museum had a neat little exhibit about sea beans (the only treasures I find on the beach!) These are the pods that heart beans come from.

Shiny sea beans
Shiny sea beans

Now that it’s warmed up a bit we like to use the barbecue grill at the marina to hold impromptu grill nights.  We’re enjoying our stay at the marina dock and decided to splurge and stay an extra 2 weeks instead of going out to a mooring.  I think we’re spoiled!  We plan to return the rental car at the end of the week and just make use of other transportation (free bus, generosity of friends and there’s always walking!)

The grill masters
Skip and Bob – grill masters!

Grill night
Grilling out with Bob and Pam

Grill night
Even Bailey gets to join the fun

As an interesting slice of marina life, there’s a crapped out motor boat next to us on the dock with a guy living aboard who we’ve never met.  He keeps to himself and I just call him ‘loser guy’.  When the wind is from the right direction I have to close our hatches because he chain smokes and our boat smells like an ash tray. He empties a bucket overboard every morning that I assume is his toilet.  The marina put a notice on his boat that it will be auctioned off next month due to lack of payments.  I can’t imagine they’ll get much money for it.  A few days ago the marina turned off his electricity.  He’s still living there in the dark and I saw this morning that he purchased some solar yard lights, presumably to use at night.  I don’t know what his story is but it’s a pretty sad existence…