Our friends Rick and Eva escaped winter for a few days over the weekend and joined us in Vero Beach.  We ordered up perfect beach weather!  After breakfast at Mulligan’s we just plopped ourselves on the beach and got caught up on all that’s happened since we last saw them.

Dinner at Citrus Grillhouse was excellent.  We agonized over choosing a good place and weren’t disappointed.  Afterwards, we crashed the Vero Beach Yacht Club for a drink using Rick and Eva’s yacht club membership at AYC.

Dinner at Citrus Grill
Dinner at Citrus Grillhouse

Dinner with Rick and Eva at Citrus Grill
Rick and Eva

Relaxing on the beach with Rick and Eva
Chillin on the beach

On Sunday we scored more beach time until Skip got a puzzling phone call from a woman who said that she picked up Bailey after seeing him running down the road.  WTF??!!  She came by the beach and sure enough, Bailey was in her car.  Later we found out that the yacht club was firing a rifle for their changing of the guard.  Several people saw Bailey run down the dock and disappear.  Our boat neighbor even drove around to try to find him.  Thank goodness for this wonderful woman who saw him run into a parking lot and coaxed him to come to her.  I don’t know what I would have done if we had come back to the boat and found him missing.  He’s never done that before but we will definitely never leave him again without putting in the hatch boards.  I hate guns and so does Bailey!

What was he thinking in that little tiny brain of his?

On the ‘hand’ front, Skip is doing much better.  He had the stitches removed last Friday and the doctor was very pleased with the healing process.  He sees the doctor again on the 15th and, hopefully, will be declared cured.  In hindsight, if the infectious disease doctor in Savannah had treated him for the marine infection instead of generic treatment, all of this might not have been necessary.  The doctor here said that they still weren’t able to get anything to grow in culture and the antibiotics he took before took may have made the infection worse.

Other than that, we’re still enjoying hanging out in Vero Beach.  We had a fun time at happy hour on the beach last week at one of the fancy hotels.  We also gathered for a grill night at the marina.  We’re even looking at real estate.  Who knows, we could come back here and make it our home!

Happy hour at the beach with Marty and Ellen, Pam and Bob
Happy hour on the beach with Marty, Ellen, Pam and Bob

Evening shadows on the beach
Evening shadows on the beach