Skip had his hand cut open again last week.  The surgeon cut 3 places and drained the infection area and took a culture.  He’s now on 2 antibiotics, one is supposed to treat the kind of infection you can get from salt water – bacterium marinum.  It seems to be working.  Other than the stiffness from the stitches, Skip says that it feels less swollen and painful.  Yay!

Rude gesture
Skip can’t help making a rude gesture!

Other than that, we’re enjoying the Vero lifestyle.  The weather is gorgeous.  A cold front is heading our way that will cool it off for a few days–down in the low 70’s!  Sharing a rental car with Bob and Pam (Silhouette) is working out well.  We took a trip down to Stuart last weekend to check out the marina and walk around.

We’ve been to the beach a few times.  We just keep our chairs and umbrella in the car and take a short drive over.  It’s great–free parking with nice facilities and restaurants nearby.   I even walked to the beach the other evening just to get some exercise.  I’m also taking yoga classes at the yacht club next to the marina.

Storm at sea
A nice afternoon on the beach with storm clouds out at sea

Bailey loves the dog park next to the marina.  When I walk him down the dock he makes a beeline straight for the path to the dog park.  There’s one of every kind of dog there (haven’t seen another Sheltie yet.)  Yesterday, he tried to sniff a Great Dane’s butt and only got about halfway there!  Mostly he just likes to chase his frisbee or tennis ball.

Skip sees the doctor again next week to have his stitches removed.  We’ll see what the prognosis is then.

Bird visitors
Some of the visitors at the dock

Florida Cormorant

Bird visitors