The nickname for Vero Beach is proving to be true since we’ll probably be here for another month.  Skip saw the hand surgeon yesterday and after reviewing his MRI the doctor wants to cut open his hand and clean out the infection.  It’s in a different place than the original cut.  The infection has wormed its way deep into his palm and middle finger.  So it looks like we’re back to stitches, antibiotics and probably some rehab.  Sigh.  At least we’re in a great place now.  It’s sunny and warm and we have lots of friends here.

We happened to see a large power boat on the mooring next to us named Sadie A.  Hmmm, that sounds familiar.  It turns out that we met Jack and Gerda on their sailboat with the same name the first year we were in the Bahamas.  They invited us over for New Year’s Eve where we enjoyed drinks and dinner with them and Bob and Sandy (Endoxy.)  Their new boat is really nice.  It’s a Tollycraft and has plenty of room and large windows.  They’re the second cruisers we’ve met this year who have turned to the ‘dark side’.  Hope we don’t start getting any ideas!

We saw a large contingent from the Chesapeake Sailing Club on New Year’s Day.  The folks who live here have a tradition of playing golf and having a sub dinner.  It was so great to see everyone again.  Even though most of us aren’t in the club any more and most of the Florida residents don’t sail any more they always make us feel welcome.

The CSC South Gang
The CSC south gang

One nice day we decided to take Bailey for a walk down by the beach.  It’s less than a mile away but, unfortunately, they don’t allow dogs on the beach.  Something to do with sea turtles…

This is as close as Bailey got to the beach
This is as close as Bailey got to the beach. Darn sea turtles!

Another day was so beautiful and warm that we took our chairs down to the beach where we walked and read all morning.  Now that we’re staying longer, we’ll have to invest in an umbrella!

Calm ocean day at Vero Beach
Perfect beach day. Note the calm waters–also a great crossing day.

Perfect beach day
Skip is enjoying the beach