Skip’s hand is still not fully healed.  He still has swelling and pain in his middle finger even though the original cut has healed.  He has an appointment with a hand surgeon here in Vero Beach on Monday.  Hopefully, this doctor can help clear up whatever is still lurking in the hand.  I’m sure you’re as sick of reading about this as I am of writing about it!

On to more fun matters… We had a lovely Christmas meal at Mulligan’s right on the beach in Vero.  I can’t think of a better place to be!  We were so happy that friends from the Eastport group invited us along.

I like this!
This doesn’t suck!

Merry Christmas!
Merry G&T!

Christmas meal at Mulligan's
Christmas meal at Mulligan’s

Christmas at the beach
TJ and Kay (Shearwater), Skip, Sandy and Ray (Horizon), Jim and Sandy (Isa Lei), Vicki and Barry (Cantabile)

We decided to keep the rental car for another week so we can deal with the doctor’s appointment although it’s costing a small fortune.  While we still have the car we continue to buy provisions for the Bahamas.  The boat is almost fully loaded and ready to go.  Now all we need is for Skip’s hand to heal and a good weather window!

Having the car allows us to visit our friends who live about 30 miles south.  We enjoyed having dinner with Jim and Sue and lunch with Debbi and Dave.  We hope to see the rest of the old CSC gang at the sub lunch on New Year’s day.

We visited the Fort Pierce farmer’s market again yesterday.  It’s so much fun.  They have live music and lots of good eats.  I like seeing all the dogs there, almost one of every breed.  We don’t bring Bailey because he doesn’t do well in crowds.

Fort Pierce Farmer's Market
Ft. Pierce farmer’s market

Building islands in Fort Pierce
Huge construction project in Ft. Pierce. They’re building several islands to shield an expansion of the marina.

We checked off a few boat projects last week.  The engine was having a hard time starting and after much pondering and channeling Nigel Calder, Skip finally figured out that is was the fuel filter.  It must have gotten prematurely clogged when our fuel level got lower than usual.  He also tightened some belts that were slipping.  Ah, I love the sound of an engine that starts up and runs like it should!

In the process of changing our propane tanks we discovered that one of the tanks had a faulty valve.  Skip immediately went into research mode and decided to replace both tanks with fiberglass ones and mount a new dual regulator in the locker.  The aluminum tanks were original (about 18 years old) and the regulator wasn’t mounted to anything, just laying on the tanks.  Skip gets so excited when he’s spending money on the boat!  For our next project, I would really like to get a Manson anchor!

Not much else to report here.  It gets warm for a few days and then we have a cold snap.  Arrrgh, I have to put socks on AGAIN!