Yesterday we motored down the waterway in heavy fog.  Yuck!  It’s hard enough to navigate through the narrow spots even when you can see!  We had the radar and running lights on as well as the fog horn on our radio loud hailer.  At least there wasn’t much traffic to deal with.  We did meet a tug/barge at a narrow corner and decided to turn off and wait for him to pass.

Foggy morning
Foggy morning

We were quite worn out by the time we anchored in Jove Creek near the Fredericka river.  The entrance was shallow so we needed to plan to leave at higher tide.  We thought the anchor was well seated but we started to drag when the tide changed.  Sigh.  I’m doing all the anchor dropping and lifting since Skip’s hand is still healing.

The hand (before surgery)

Hand fixed and on our way
After surgery and healing well. I won’t gross you out with a picture of the stitches.

Underway again, oh boy!
Oh boy, underway again

When we turned the engine off after anchoring (the first time) I heard the water pump running.  It appeared that the port tank emptied itself into the bilge.  After inspecting every place the water hoses could come loose we couldn’t find a leak.  We set the water system to the forward tank and it pressurized without a problem so the issue had to be between the port tank and the pump or a leak in the tank itself.  Mysterious.

Fog bank along the shore
Fog bank is still hanging along the coastline near sunset

Today we decided to put into Jekyll Island marina to fill up the water tank and try to discover the problem.  It was still foggy this morning.  Not quite as bad as yesterday but still not ideal.  We also arrived at Jekyll Creek at almost low tide.  It’s a notoriously shallow passage but the captain really likes a challenge.

Fogged in Lanier bridge
Approaching the Lanier bridge near Jekyll Island

Low water
Low water near marker 19. We did scrape the muddy bottom a bit.

Jekyll Harbor marina is a nice, friendly place.  We filled up the port tank and left the water pump on.  So far, no leaks.  Let me know if you can think of a logical explanation for how the tank emptied itself!

We took Bailey for a walk to the Jekyll Island Club and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Handsome dog at Jekyll Island club
Bailey posing in front of the Jekyll Island Club

Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island

Tomorrow we head for Fernandina and then St. Augustine.  I’m looking forward to finally being in Florida.  I hope it’s not foggy again–had enough of that!