Skip went back to see the hand surgeon yesterday for a follow-up. The doctor still didn’t like the way the original cut was healing so I took Skip back this morning and the doctor opened the original wound and cleaned it out. He found a tiny piece of metal and a few bits of corrosion. None of this showed up on the Xray, MRI or ultrasound but the doctor’s instincts that something was in there were correct. He goes back on Friday for a follow-up.

The surgeon offered some very helpful advice for us living on the boat and cruising in the Bahamas. His first career was as a diesel mechanic so he could talk ‘boating’. He also worked in a hospital in Miami where they treated many cruisers for injuries received in the Bahamas. When I asked him how we could avoid another problem like this he recommended a product called Medihoney for treating wounds. He said that wounds heal twice as fast using this product. When he closed Skip’s cut he also used super glue to help seal it and keep it waterproof. He also recommended carrying an Epipen and gave us a prescription. He told us that medications lose their effectiveness in a damp environment and said that we should keep pills in a waterproof box with dessicant.  Skip always teases me for being superstitious but I now have these items on board as a guarantee that we’ll never need them!

I’ve stopped predicting when we’ll leave but it’s looking good for this weekend!