Skip is still in the hospital (a week tomorrow) and is slowly getting better. They took him off the IV drugs today and started him on an oral antibiotic. The doctors said that they will release him tomorrow. We’re not sure how much longer we’ll need to stay here for a followup. I think they’re reluctant to release him until they’re sure he’s fully cured because they know we’re anxious to keep moving south. We’ll do whatever they say because he rest of the trip through Georgia is mostly unpopulated so we don’t want to have a relapse in the middle of nowhere!

Bailey is good company but I’ve been pretty bored. Fortunately (or maybe not!) there are shopping opportunities here. I hit the big Macy’s sale yesterday and got us a few more fleece tops. The dryer cooked some of ours in the laundromat visit. It’s still chilly here, especially at night.

Thanks to everyone who keeps checking in on our status. We hope to get moving again soon!

Advice for the day: don’t ever treat an infection lightly!