The infection in Skip’s hand wasn’t getting better so I took him to the ER last night and they admitted him.  He’s getting IV antibiotics and evaluated by a hand surgeon.  The doctor will look at his MRI and decide the best treatment.  We’re still hoping that the drugs will work and he won’t have to have surgery.  This is definitely more trouble than we ever imagined from a tiny red spot.  Lesson learned: don’t ever ignore something that doesn’t seem right!

This experience also gives us a deep appreciation for the medical care we have at home.  Trying to get medical advice away from home is a challenge.  The doctor at the urgent care place nearby was very helpful and responsive but once the situation went beyond his services we felt adrift.  He referred us to an urgent care orthopedic center that was closed until 5pm yesterday due to the holiday.  The PA there advised us to go to the ER and he would call in the hand surgeon.  The process wasn’t very clear to us and I ended up leaving Skip at the ER about 9pm last night.  They didn’t take him in until 11:30 and he really didn’t get settled into the hospital until 3am.   At home we probably would have avoided the ER scene which was mayhem–lots of screaming children and people vomiting.  Somehow Skip managed to ‘lose’ his money clip in the confusion.  I realize now that I should have taken his valuables before leaving.

On a lighter note, we had a lovely Thanksgiving meal aboard Moondance with Mike and Georgie (Alcyone), another boat from the Annapolis ‘fleet’.  I cooked a pumpkin pie and turkey breast with dressing in our tiny oven.  Georgie made a salad and potatoes.  We had quite a feast!

Thanksgiving on Moondance
Thanksgiving feast with Mike and Georgie (Alcyone)

It’s warming up here during the day and the marina is very pleasant.  I will keep everyone posted on our status.  Once Skip is on the mend we’ll be anxious to keep going south!

Updating the herb garden
Updating my herb garden using a plastic spoon!

Isle of Hope marina
Isle of Hope Marina

View from Isle of Hope marina
View from Isle of Hope