We’re getting ready to leave Charleston tomorrow–time for a diet!  There are so many wonderful restaurants here and we certainly sampled a few.  We arrived at the Charleston City Marina on Friday.  After fueling they directed us to H-dock.  We’ve only ever stayed on the mega-dock but found that we liked it better at the next dock down when heading towards the bridge.  We pulled into a slip and it was easier than maneuvering inside the mega-dock.  I’m taking notes for next time!

Timoneer passes us -- 100+ feet
The 100+ foot sailing yacht Timoneer passes us on our way to the marina

We were excited to find out that our friends Bob and Phyllis (Comocean) were arriving later that afternoon.  Standing by at their arrival we watched as Bob docked with finesse!

Comocean makes a grand entrance in Charleston
Comocean makes a grand entrance!

The gang arrives
Arrival Celebration – Bob and Phyllis (Comocean) and Cristy and Tony (Fourtunate)

The whole gang went out for dinner to Cypress where we were joined by Bob and Pam (Silhouette).  I wish I had ordered what Skip had — the crispy wasabi tuna.  It was amazing.  Afterwards, we went across the street to The Gin Joint for hand-crafted after dinner drinks.

On Saturday we joined Bob and Phyllis for a pizza lunch at Monza.  Walking around after lunch Skip spotted a sign advertising beer tasting that he and Bob couldn’t pass up.  The restaurant was called Closed for Business.

Skip and Bob couldn't pass this by
A sign that Skip couldn’t resist

Bob and Phyllis
Bob and Phyllis

In the evening we joined Bob and Pam (Silhouette) in crashing the Charleston Yacht Club.  Actually, we really didn’t crash since Bob and Pam belong to Eastport Yacht Club and have reciprocity.  I don’t think the CYC cared too much since there were only a handful people there.  Everyone was very friendly.  They didn’t serve food but a guy had caught a lot of fish so they grilled it and shared with us.

Nothing beats the sights on the mega-dock. I like to walk the dock each day to see what boats came in. We’re talking mega-yachts and fancy sport fishing boats. One evening we saw a sport fisher from New York come in with ‘F U Sandy’ written with blue tape across the stern. That was their motto after riding out the storm on Long Island.

The pumpout boat is aptly named
Check out the aptly named pumpout boat

On Sunday we joined Bob, Phyllis, Cristy and Tony for brunch at Hominy Grill.  Later we enjoyed our traditional visit with Skip’s nephew Justin and family.  They took us out to a funky restaurant called The Tatooed Moose that serves delicious sandwiches, beer and duck-fat french fries-yummy!

James, Josh and Cat
A fun visit with James, Josh, Cat and Justin

James and Josh visit us on the boat
I need more practice getting little boys to pose with me!

We took our dodger into a canvas maker for repairs on Monday.  Strangely, the zipper teeth started breaking off on both sides.  I don’t think we’ve taken the dodger off since it was newly installed over 4 years ago so a good cleaning of the cabin top was in order.

Bailey gets a cockpit bath
Bailey gets a cockpit bath

In the evening we joined Phyllis (Bob had to go home to wurk), Bob and Pam at Pearlz for another amazing meal.

Today we decided to lay off the boat chores and explore the town.  After a lazy day of shopping, lunch at Poogan’s Porch and much needed haircuts we’re ready to head further south tomorrow!

Lunch at Poogan's Porch
Lunch at Poogan's Porch
Lunch at Poogan’s Porch (pre-haircuts!)