We’re just a few miles from Charleston at Isle of Palms.  It’s a good stopping point to  make the Ben Sawyer bridge opening at 9am tomorrow.

We spent one night in Southport mainly to meet up with friends that we knew from work who retired near there.  Southport is a cute little town with shops and restaurants that are mainly closed on Sundays:-(   We enjoyed a lovely dinner with Kathy, Ken, Bev and Al who came by the marina and took us to a place in Southport.  It was fun to catch up since we missed seeing them last winter.

We left the next morning for Myrtle Beach and didn’t have any issues on the waterway.  The 2 inlets that are notorious for shoaling, Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte, had plenty of water in the channel.    Grande Dunes is a nice place to stay in Myrtle Beach because it’s easy to dock and out of the fast-moving current.  We decided to stay 2 nights there because the weather was turning cold and rainy.  This was the nor’easter that mainly affected everyone further north.

Yet another bridge
Coming through the Little River swing bridge in Myrtle Beach

It was a good place to catch up on laundry and groceries.  It needs to get warmer so we don’t have to wear so many clothes!  We also had a chance to have lunch with more retired friends from work, Judy and Danny.

Go out and terrorize the dolphins!
I’m sure the dolphins love being terrorized by tourists on jet skis!

Our next stop was Georgetown, South Carolina after transiting the beautiful Waccamaw River.  It’s one of my favorite stretches of the waterway; a wide, deep river that snakes along between banks of cypress trees.

Georgetown is also a neat little town with many shops and restaurants along the waterfront.  My favorite is the independent bookstore that also sells used books.  On the way back from our town walk we stopped at the seafood market and bought some fresh shrimp.   We joined Bob and Pam on Silhouette for a fun dinner of steamed shrimp and chilli.

Leaving Georgetown this morning it was chilly and foggy.  I can’t wait to have a night where we don’t have to run an electric heater!

Morning fog
Foggy morning leaving Georgetown

Tomorrow, we’re off to the mega dock in Charleston for the weekend.  We’re looking forward to meeting up with Bob and Phyllis (Comocean) whose offshore trip from Annapolis was thwarted by the hurricane so they had to travel the ditch.  It took them a week and us a month!