The wind is howling with steady rain but we’re sitting rather comfortable at River Dunes marina near Oriental, NC.  We’re rolling a bit but not bouncing around.  The water levels rose about 2 feet since yesterday and the barometer is still falling.  With persistent winds, we might be here until mid next week.  I’m glad that we’re not further north!

Hurricane Sandy
This is what the storm looks like on our chart plotter using XM Weather. The black triangle is our location. The storm center is about 250 miles east of us. I’ve never seen that many barbs on the wind indicators!

Battened down for Hurricane Sandy
Moondance is battened down for Hurricane Sandy. We decided not to take down our enclosure because the wind is mostly on our bow.
Water level is rising
Water level is up about 2 feet at River Dunes marina

Not much else to report.  We’re staying warm and somewhat dry.  Leaks are showing up where we’ve never seen them before. Joe talked about arranging a Farkle tournament later to indoctrinate some newbies!