I woke up in a good mood this morning and then spent 2 hours on the phone with Verizon.  Grrrr…now I need to rant!  All I wanted to do was suspend our services while we’re away but apparently something was screwed up on our account that would not allow it.  Rather than try to fix the problem or get me to someone who could, I talked to 8 different agents whose main purposed seemed to be to keep me on hold, tell me they were working on it or convince me to wait until December 12th before putting my services on hold when they promised me they would credit my account.  Hah!  Like I believe that.  After continuously threatening to cancel Verizon completely I was finally transferred to a member of their ‘elite’ team who supposedly knows their a** from a hole in the ground.  He says he’ll fix it and email/call early next week.  What are the chances that I’ll have to call back??!!

Ah, now I feel better and can shift focus back to our trip.  We left Solomon’s Island Tuesday morning with a whole flotilla of boats waiting for northerly winds.  It was quite windy but behind us as we sailed across the wide mouth of the Potomac river.  That area is known to be fierce in certain conditions.  I’d put it right up there with crossing the Gulf Stream (only much shorter.)  We almost made it across without any problem but right as we approached Smith Point the waves got big and confused.  With the wind directly behind us it was hard to keep the main from jibing.  We turned on the motor and plowed through until we were finally in calmer waters.  All I can say it that the Potomac can be a mean b*tch!

We anchored in Fishing Bay near the southern side of Deltaville after hearing that a boat was aground at the entrance to Jackson Creek.  We usually go in there but the entrance is tricky so why risk it.  In settled weather, the anchorage in Fishing Bay was just fine.

Some other boats were trying to help the boat that was aground since he couldn’t raise TowBoatUS.  They were a little panicky and were talking on channel 16.  Someone kept butting in and yelling at them to move their traffic to a working channel.  I know you’re not supposed to converse on channel 16 but if you’re not the Coast Guard, why be such a pain in the ass.  Those people were obviously in trouble so why make it worse.  Just sayin…

We had a calm motoring trip down the rest of the Bay to Hampton.  The tide was against us the entire way (of course!)  We decided to stay at the Blue Water marina instead of the Hampton town dock.  The town dock has a strong cross current and weird short floating finger piers so you still have to tie up to pilings.  The town dock was also offering free nights at the boat show so it was pretty well booked.

We arrived at the marina right at the busy time and they only had one dock guy and one woman who didn’t seem to know how to do anything.  We fueled up and managed to dock the boat ourselves with the help of a nearby boater.  The fairways are narrow and they also have short floating finger piers.  Whaddaya want for $2 a foot??!!

Once we got settled in we noticed that our next door neighbor was Comocean–the boat that Bob and Phyllis sold 2 years ago. I posted a photo to Facebook and Bob immediately called. He said that the new owners were supposed to rename the boat as part of the contact. Oh well, it’s still a pretty boat!

Our boat neighbor--the faux Comocean
The faux Comocean

Our main reason for stopping in Hampton was to see our friends Marti and Rocky and Pete and MaryAnn.  We met Marti 29 years ago on our honeymoon cruise and we met Pete and MaryAnn (MicMac) 3 years ago on our cruise south.  It was great to catch up with them as we enjoyed a nice dinner at the marina restaurant.

MaryAnn and Pete
MaryAnn and Pete (MicMac)

Rocky and Marti
Rocky and Marti

Intrepid sailors

This morning we had a rigger come by to take our hydraulic backstay adjuster off and install the fixed backstay insert.  We noticed that the adjuster wasn’t holding so it was pretty useless.  At least the headstay won’t be flopping around any more until a new adjuster works its way into our budget!

Tomorrow we’ll head on down the ditch.  We plan to stop at the first lock in the Dismal Swamp.  Here’s to bridges and locks for the next few months!