We’re home!  We left Cape May shortly after the mechanic finished up.  We needed to get out of the marina before the tide went out and left us sitting in the mud.   The mechanic recommended that we anchor, let the engine cool and check the coolant level before beginning our journey.  We did and all was well.

The trip up Delaware Bay was long, hot, windless and fly infested.  Miserable!  At some point I remembered that we had screens for our enclosure.  I also put one of our sun shades across the dodger window.   It was hot but the biting flies were unbearable.  We were so desperately hot that we put our big electric fan in the cockpit and ran it on the inverter.

Fly infested hell in Delaware Bay
Fly infested hell on the Delaware Bay. We had to close ourselves in to avoid being eaten to death. I must have killed 100 flies!

The wind finally picked up a little and provided some relief.  We arrived in the Reedy Point anchorage at the top of Delaware Bay at around 10pm under the full, blue moon.  As a note, we entered the anchorage from the south instead of coming through the narrow cut which has a very strong cross current–not something for the faint of heart at night!

On Saturday we came through the C&D canal and down the Bay with all the Labor Day vacationers.  Ugh!  We anchored in Worton Creek where it was dead calm with no wind.  Storms were predicted for Sunday so we just went straight back to our slip in Annapolis.  It’s great to be back in our home port!

Now we get to settle in for a while and enjoy the comforts of home before heading south.  Oh, and there’s the to-do list for the boat…

Home...sweet sofa
Can we stay here Mom?