We were on the home stretch yesterday, leaving the Cape May anchorage at dawn and well on our way up Delaware with nice calm seas and a west wind when we heard an ominous thunk.  Oh well, maybe we hit a small log.  A few minutes later the engine overheated and we shut her down.  Skip went below to investigate while I sailed the boat.  I heard lots of hmmm’s and then an ‘Oh sh*t, I can’t fix that’.  He discovered that the pulley on the fresh water pump on the engine had sheared off.  We had no choice but to call for a tow.


Thank goodness for TowboatUS and unlimited towing!  While the towboat captain was on his way out he found us a marina that could do the repair.  Skip called them and they ordered the part.  Canyon Club marina provided great service.  The part came in this morning and it’s being installed now.

We’re not sure when we can leave Cape May.  We need to contend with the tide (extremely shallow where we are) and the wind (turning North–not good for Delaware Bay.)

Leaving Long Island Sound
Leaving Long Island Sound

To backtrack on our journey, we left Port Washington and the Long Island Sound on Saturday morning and flew through the infamous Hell Gate.  We decided to take a mooring with the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club.  They have a great mooring field with the most logically numbered mooring balls we’ve seen.  Launch service was included.  We got stuck there for 3 days due to the weather and quickly discovered that there’s not a whole lot in Atlantic Highlands. On Sunday as we went ashore to do some laundry we met a nice woman on a Sabre who offered us a ride to the grocery store–what a treat!

Flying through Hell Gate at 11 knots!
Flying through Hell Gate at 11 knots

Why does that building look like it’s covered in aluminum foil?

By Monday we were really bored and decided to take the fast ferry into New York City to visit the Natural History Museum.  To take the ferry we needed to get ashore early but the launch didn’t start running until 10am.  The launch driver was so nice and offered to stop by earlier and give us a ride.  (We had already taken the motor off the dinghy and there wasn’t a place to leave it all day at the dock.)

Natural History Museum
T Rex!
The museum was fascinating and there was more than enough to see in one day.  I didn’t take many pictures–just enjoyed looking around.  It was crowded with camera-toting geeks.  I’m usually polite about standing aside while someone snaps a photo but there were so many people just running around and snapping their cameras that I just ignored them.  What is that about?  Are they really enjoying themselves or learning anything or just documenting???

On the subway ride back we had a classic New York moment.  Right after we hopped on a train Skip asked if we wanted the B or C line.  I said B and that quick he hops off the C train and the door closes!  I watched stunned as the train pulled away with me on it.  A few ladies on the train had a good laugh.  I got off at the next stop and waited for the B train to arrive.  Luckily, he had the good sense to get on the next train.  It was hilarious!

Tuesday morning was rainy but not stormy with good wind so we decided to head out.  We left a little too late to make Atlantic City so we decided to brave Barneget Bay.  All of the cruising guides have warnings about needing local knowledge to enter Barneget Bay.  Skip studied the information on Active Captain and as we approached the inlet he called TowBoatUS for guidance.  The towboat captain gave us good information to make our way into the anchorage.  We now have the waypoints we need but still wouldn’t go in there with opposing wind and tide.

Barneget Light
Barneget Light

Wednesday was a nice ride to Cape May.  I had a big goofy smile on my face as we bypassed Altantic City.

The engine is fixed now so we’ll see about getting on our way again!