Morning fog in Bucks Harbor – nice place, very well-protected

A still day crossing to Belfast. The wind piped up coming across Penobscot Bay and we had a great sail!

We’re back in Camden after spending a fun week cruising with the Corinthians.  After Bucks Harbor, we stayed in Belfast for 2 days.  On the first night the club held a lobster dinner–yummy!  The second day was a ‘lay day”.  We wandered the town and took a ride on the shuttle bus to Hamilton Marine – the local boat supply store.  We also visited the Blue Jacket store where they make and sell boat models.

Bailey found ‘his’ chair in Belfast

Dinner at Delvino’s was good if you ordered the right thing.  Skip’s lobster risotto was delicious while my mussel dish was just so-so.  At any rate we enjoyed dining with John, Noel, Sylvia and Tom.

The Bounty in Belfast
The Bounty visiting Belfast makes a Sabre 426 look tiny!

Friday was an anchoring day in Illesboro but we looked at the weather and decided to just head back to Camden early.  There was mostly rain and fog in the forecast.  The fog wasn’t too bad until we got into Camden harbor.  At least there wasn’t much traffic to deal with.  We definitely didn’t want a mooring again (awful rolling out there) and the marina was very helpful in finding us a space at the dock.

130ft yacht Aphrodite dwarfs Camden as it leaves the dock.  It was in front of us and taller than our mast!

Oh my, are we ever happy being on a dock for the first time in a month!  Yesterday we did laundry, cleaned the decks and the hull and defrosted the fridge.  All of the Corinthian boats came back in for the final banquet last night.   We made lots of new friends on this cruise.  Sailors are great people!

Laureen and Miles
Laureen and Miles (Ariel)
Noel and John
Chesapeake Sabre friends Noel and John were on a charter boat–they have some stories to tell!
Skip and Sharon
Skip and Sharon (guest on Onward)

Sylvia and Tom
Sylvia and Tom (also from the Chesapeake on charter with John and Noel)

Joe and Deb
Joe (Onward) and Deb (charter crew from Annapolis)

Today (Sunday) we’re still sitting at the dock waiting for all of this weather mess to pass through.  I’m getting sick of fog and rain–where’s the sun??!!

Now that the cruise is over we’re on our southward journey home.  Depending on weather and stops, we hope to get back by Labor day.