Just a quick post while I’m still in wifi-land.  We’re still in Northeast harbor.  It’s a lot like Vero Beach–once you’re here, it’s hard to leave!  We visited the touristy town of Bar Harbor and took a bus tour of the park.  The tour was really fun and informative.  We saw enough to know what we’d like to see more of when we come back (yes, this place is a keeper!)

The marina has nice, clean showers and places to fill up with water.  The town has nice shops and activities.  The laundry is great–lots of machines and dryers that really dry.  The grocery store has a good selection but is pricey.  Beware of being overcharged.  Joe bought 5 things and his bill was $85.  He wasn’t paying attention at the time but went back later to find that they charged him for 6 6-packs instead of 1!   I think I was overcharged today too.  I bought 2 ears of corn, 2 sweet potatoes and a pack of gum and it was $13.  Are we in the Bahamas??!!

We heard a steel drum band play last night by the marina.  It was a community band from Blue Hill called Flash in the Pans comprised of many musicians young and old.

Seal rest
Seal rest

My lobster boat
My lobster boat
Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mt
View of Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mt.

Thunder Hole
Thunder Hole – At mid-tide the water rushes in and roars

Collins house
This was the house used in the opening of the original Dark Shadows – a favorite show of my youth

The bar in Bar Harbor
The bar in Bar Harbor – how it got its name. You can walk across at low tide but you will be stranded if you don’t get back by the time the tide comes in!

It was foggy, drizzly and chilly this morning so we decided to stay another day. Tomorrow we head off to explore Penobscot Bay.