We actually SAILED from Boothbay almost to Rockland!  We also encountered our first fog.  It wasn’t too bad and the radar overlay on the chartplotter helped us sort out the targets.  As we approached Rockland the wind picked up on the nose and we had opposing current so we had to motor in.  The harbor is securely enclosed with a long breakwater ending with a lighthouse.  We picked up a town mooring and took Bailey ashore to explore.


The Farnsworth Art Museum is a ‘must see’ in Rockland.  Their collection includes many Wyeth paintings along with other work by American artists.  I like seeing how different artists interpret the many moods of Maine.

Sign over the Farnsworth Museum

Rockland Harbor

We left Rockland after 2 nights and headed further east towards Mt. Desert island.  I’m still amazed at all the lobster floats.  They’re everywhere–even in the mooring fields.  Can there really be that many lobsters to catch??  They’re tricky too.  Some have an extra float called a ‘toggle’ attached that makes it even more difficult to decide how to avoid them.  We actually started to look forward to the shallower (meaning less than 40 ft) water because there are less lobster floats!
Lobster floats
I like to imagine what it would look like without all the lobster float ‘litter’.  It would be the perfect place to sail!

One thing I’ve enjoyed so far is talking to the locals, especially the taxi drivers.  You can really learn a lot from them.  Our driver in Freeport gave us an overview of the traffic laws about vehicles and pedestrians.  Apparently, you are ‘free game’ if you don’t use a cross walk!  We are now very careful crossing streets as the motorists here seem to have an angry streak.  I get the feeling that they love to hate the ‘summer people.’  They have about a 10 week tourist season on which much of their economy is based.  Our taxi driver in Boothbay gave us some insight to their local problems.  Apparently, there aren’t any lobster processing plants so much of the catch is actually shipped to Canada for processing and then sold back to local restaurants.  That seems crazy!  I can’t help thinking that if government subsidies worked differently, we’d all be eating lobster instead of high fructose corn syrup!

From Rockland we sailed through several ‘thoroughfares’ passing the picturesque town of Stonington and a few lighthouses.  We anchored off Swan island in a little place called Buckle Harbor.  It was so pretty and quintessential Maine!  We took Bailey ashore to a beach when the tide went out.  He remembered all of his beach tricks from the Bahamas – barking for us to get his stick from the dinghy compartment and wading in the shallow water.  He had a great time.


Buckle harbor
Buckle Harbor with Mt. Desert Island in the background

Buckle harbor
Bailey has fun on the beach

Buckle harbor
Buckle Harbor

Buckle harbor
Rocks appear at low tide – 10 ft tide here!

Buckle harbor sunset
Another beautiful sunset

We’ve been in Northeast harbor for the past few days tied to a mooring float with Onward.  This seems like the place to be.  The island is full of small towns, hiking trails and beautiful vistas.  They have a free shuttle bus that takes you all over the island.  We toured Asticou terraces and gardens the first day and took a short hike up to Jordan Pond for lunch.  If we had only known how good the fresh hot popovers were we wouldn’t have complained so much during the hike!  We are out of shape and we forgot our hiking shoes.

Onward sailing to Mt. Desert Island

Northeast Harbor

Moondance and Onward
Onward and Moondance share a mooring float

Thuya Gardens
Thuya Gardens

Thuya Gardens
I love taking pictures of flowers!

Playing with special effects

Jordan Pond and The Bubbles (looks more like boobies!)

We enjoyed a lovely dinner aboard Miles and Laureen’s boat Ariel.  I certainly enjoyed the female company for a change!  The 5 of us went on a hike yesterday up Sargent Mt and had lunch with a spectacular view.

Hike in Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park vista

Hike in Acadia National Park
Lunch with a view

Hike in Acadia National Park
Hiking with Joe, Miles and Laureen