We left Sag Harbor after a night of barely missed storms.  Thank goodness the unsettled weather finally moved on!

Leaving Sag Harbor

It was so calm as we headed out Plum Gut.  I was just settling in with my puzzle book when we entered what’s marked on the chart as a ‘race’.  It’s a real washing machine effect where the currents collide in a narrow gap.  Thankfully, it didn’t last too long.

One minute it looked like this:
Plum gut
The next, we’re in this!
2 minutes later!
It was a short hop to the anchorage at the west end of Fishers Island just off the Connecticut coast.  It was a beautiful, quiet spot once all the weekenders left.  We were joined by an 80 foot charter yacht–a nice way to travel!  Later, the Lady Maryland came in and dropped their hook.  I quickly ran up our Maryland flag to pay homage.

Charter Yacht Aiyana – They lit up everything at night, even their tri-color light (bad form…)
Lady Maryland

Lady Maryland
The Lady Maryland and another beautiful sunset

We arrived in Mystic Monday morning after a little adventure with the 2 bridges on the Mystic river (darn, I didn’t think we’d have to deal with any bridges up here!) The railroad bridge tender said that he was going to close the bridge in 10 minutes so we rushed through only to find that we had about 1/2 hour to wait for the little lift bridge less than a mile away. It wasn’t too bad. With no current or traffic we just meandered back and forth dodging kayakers until the bridge opened.

Here’s our little story about Mystic…

We first visited here almost 30 years ago right after we first met. On our first trip together we visited Mystic before heading into Cape Cod. Neither of us had boating backgrounds or had ever been sailing. We went on a sailing excursion out of Provincetown on an old schooner and were enchanted by the experience. On that trip we decided that if we ever buy a boat we’d name it Moondance. That was about 5 years before we took sailing lessons and started chartering boats and about 10 years before we bought our first boat!

We had so much fun the past 2 days exploring Mystic Seaport. There’s so much to see here. They have a huge working shipyard where they’re restoring their flagship attraction the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan. The ship was hauled out in 2008 for restoration. There are huge logs and wood planks being prepared to replace her bottom. We learned that one of the positive results of hurricanes is the donation of fallen live oak trees for the restoration of old ships.

I took a ton of pictures. Here are some, the rest are on Flickr.

Mystic Seaport
The Amistad comes into port. It took them about 1/2 hour to push the ship around with a tender to the dock.

Mystic Seaport
Kids learning to sail at summer camp

Mystic Seaport
Tall rigging

Mystic Seaport
Window view
Mystic Seaport
This long building demonstrated how they used to make rope. The original process took place in a building 4 times longer.

Mystic Seaport
Mystic Harbor

Mystic Seaport
Happy to visit Mystic again after 30 years (I’ll have to dig up a photo from that trip!)

Mystic Seaport
The Charles W. Morgan under restoration
Mystic Seaport
Proud Figureheads
Mystic Seaport
Good holding
Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport
I pet the seal (per instructions on the sign)

Mystic Seaport
The crew worked all day to install the bow spirit on Amistad

We walked into Mystic (about 1 mile away) for dinner last night at S & P Oyster Company. It was delicious, especially the blackened shrimp and grits appetizer and the lobster tacos. Tonight we went less fancy and enjoyed a pizza at Mystic Pizza (yeah, a tourist trap but pizza and beer were just fine!)

We took advantage of our dock time and washed the boat, defrosted the fridge, filled the water tanks and did laundry. The laundry left a bit to be desired–one old washer and dryer at the opposite end of the seaport. I did one load last night and was there until after 10pm. Thank goodness for my iPhone entertainment! We did 2 more loads today in between visiting the museum. Maybe we’ll just keep wearing the same clothes instead of letting the laundry pile up!

Tomorrow we’re off to Block Island to hook up with Joe and plan our course to Maine!

Must end with a Bailey picture!