We made it all the way to the end of Long Island known as the ‘fish tail’.  Look at a map to see why!

Staying in Port Washington until our wind instrument part arrived was not a hardship.  The town has moorings that you can use for 2 days free with launch service for a fee.  We’re getting used to the launch service concept although we don’t really need it since we can easily lower our dinghy.  Port Washington has a dinghy dock that is just across the street from a large supermarket.  We re-stocked with fresh food on Monday while we awaited delivery of our part scheduled for Tuesday.

After some harassment of UPS we finally received the part late Tuesday.  We’re still not sure why it rode around on their truck all day Monday…

Skip replaces our wind instrument
Skip goes up the stick again to replace the wind instrument. It works!!

A short motoring trip took us into Oyster Bay.  We thought it might be a quiet place to spend the 4th.  Not so much…  The anchorage was crowded and there was a lot of boat traffic.  In the late afternoon our XM weather service alerted us to a small storm heading our way.  We prepared for the storm which was intense but short.

Storm's coming
Storm coming

After the storm
After the storm. Double rainbow–what does it mean??!!

Another beautiful sunset in Oyster Bay
Beautiful sunset in Oyster Bay

As evening fell we were surrounded by fireworks.  I saw lots of motor boats heading out to the mouth of the harbor around 9pm for a brilliant fireworks show put on by the family that owns the NY Knicks.  During the fireworks, the weather alert went off again as another intense storm approached.  Before I went to sleep I saw lots of police and emergency vessels going out to the mouth of the harbor.  I assumed that they were dealing with the boat crowds.

The second storm that passed through was even more intense.  Our wind instrument wasn’t working yet but a nearby cruiser told us they saw 70 knots of wind speed.  The next morning we decided to move closer to town and pick up a mooring.  It was not a great idea.  I thought that the marina had decent facilities but they didn’t.  Anyway, it turned out to be a great idea because we had an outstanding dinner at Wild Honey.  The mussels cooked in an iron skillet were the best I’ve ever had!

When Skip checked the news on Thursday morning we learned about the boating tragedy that occurred in the harbor the night before.  An older 34 ft cabin cruiser with 27 people aboard capsized and 3 children drowned.  How could anyone overload a boat like that under any conditions?  The lack of common sense, the storm, darkness and all of those people out there–a combination for disaster.

We left Oyster Bay Friday morning and made the long trip to the east end of Long Island.  It was calm and windless most of the time and the current was against us until mid-afternoon.   We complied with all the warnings and came through Plum Gut with the current.  The cruising guide said that you could have up to 5 knots against you if you don’t observe the tides!

Leaving Oyster Bay

We anchored in Orient Harbor just before sunset along a beautiful beach.  Pizza on the grill and red wine were the perfect ending to a long day.

Orient Point
Orient Point

Unfortunately we didn’t get ashore because the wind was up in the morning.  Bailey would have liked a beach run.  The weather forecast showed a break in the heat wave when a strong cold front moves through tonight.  Since we were sitting in a pretty wide open spot we opted to move to Sag Harbor and pick up a mooring.   I know we’re not acting very cruiser-like.  Pay for a mooring–horrors!  After seeing some of these storms, I need some peace of mind and I don’t mind paying for it!

We spent a lovely day in Sag Harbor which Skip dubbed “the most per capita of stick-up-ass people” he’s ever seen.  Lunch at B. Smith’s was just okay.  We probably would have done better at Dockside (the water taxi operator’s recommendation.)  A walk through town and a visit to the whaling museum and customs house was fun and educational.

Sag Harbor Whaling Museum
Sag Harbor Whaling Museum – Well worth the visit

Skylight in Whaling Museum

Made from whale bone
Made from whale bone

Sag Harbor Customs House
Customs House – great tour
Customs House
We learned that the original house was a ‘half house’ which they later added another ‘half house’ for their 9 children and 5 servants!

I’m using free wifi–woot!!  I can’t seem to get google maps to stop crashing so I can update our journey.  I will keep trying.

We’re spending 2 days in Mystic and then hope to meet up with Joe again later in the week.