An early morning departure from Cape May brought us into Atlantic City by mid-afternoon. The offshore conditions were calm–yay! I was even able to play Words with Friends and read for a while. Maybe I’m finally getting my sea legs.


We fueled up before docking at the Farley State Marina just in front of the Golden Nugget casino. The marina was nice–solid concrete floating docks, clean heads/laundry with awesome air conditioning. The casino was another story. After we settled in I decided to check out the pool. It’s on the 6th floor overlooking the harbor. A beautiful place but the people, OMG, gross! We’re talking stereotypes of New Jersey shore variety. I couldn’t bring myself to stick around. I tried to get in touch with my inner Snookie but it just wasn’t working for me.

We had already decided to spend a  lay day at the marina to wait for better offshore weather. We cleaned the boat, worked on some projects, did laundry–the usual. It was very hot but at least there was a breeze. In the evening we went up to the bar/deck for drinks and appetizers. Big mistake. The food and drinks were overpriced and awful. We left and went to the Chart House where we found delicious food and drinks for half the price.

I found the lights of Atlantic City fascinating. I could sit outside at night and watch them for hours. Nearby Harrah’s has words constantly going across the building and up the sides. The slender obelisk building on the coast (not sure what it is) has a large white ball on top that displayed a globe one night and an eyeball the next! From the V-berth I could see white shapes floating in formations above the Golden Nugget at night. I actually had to get up and get the binoculars to confirm that they were large white birds. I’m easily amused!!

Atlantic City
Atlantic City light painting

We were asleep when our boat neighbor knocked on the side around midnight to warn us of the storm approaching. We were glad that he did! It was a doozy. I was so glad we were tied to the dock as the wind gusted with rain and lightening for close to an hour. It did a lot of damage across the mid Atlantic. The docks and casino lost power. Our boat neighbors – nice power boaters from the South River were up all night drinking because they didn’t have air conditioning to sleep in! Our house is still without power along with many others. We talked to some cruisers who were offshore when it hit. They lost their headsail and had other damage. I can’t imagine being out in something like that.

Leaving Atlantic City around 5:30am, we motor sailed the long stretch along the coast and around Sandy Hook to Atlantic Highlands. It was a boring trip–too choppy to do much but take turns napping and watching.

Atlantic Highlands is a friendly little town. We went ashore for breakfast and to let Bailey stretch his legs. We were going to wait there for our friend Joe to catch up but decided to move on through New York City thinking that it won’t be as crazy busy on a Sunday.

Atlantic Highlands
Altantic Highlands was a welcome sight coming around Sandy Hook off the ocean

It took forever to make it up to the Verrazano bridge against the current. Coming through and entering NYC harbor was magical. I visited the city many times for work but never imagined seeing it from this perspective. I took so many photos–way too many of bridges! The last time we went under the Verrazano bridge was on our honeymoon cruise almost 29 years ago!


Hi, Mom!
Hi, Mom! (My mother believed that butterflys represented people you loved who passed away. Now I can’t see one without thinking of her.)
I was here!

Exciting approach to the big city
Exciting approach to the big city
Statue of Liberty
Hard to compare this experience

Passing lower Manhattan
Going under the Brooklyn Bridge


We just started to get the tide with us on the East River as we approached the infamous Hell-gate. It sounds really horrible but really is just a short stretch where you have to time it to go with the tide. We breezed through going over 8 knots.

Approaching Hell Gate. What’s all the fuss?

Reaching Long Island Sound was a magical moment. suddenly, it became picturesque with sailboats flying by, New Englandy looking light houses, rocks (!!) and mansions along the shorelines. We turned into Manhasset Bay and picked up one of the free town moorings. Ahhhh, we’re finally in New England!

Port Washington — officially arrived in New England!

Joe (Onward) arrived around 7:30pm all the way from Atlantic City. He made it here from Annapolis in 3 days. We picked him up and headed into town for dinner.

All was quiet here today (Monday 7/1.) Joe stopped by and gave us some pointers on places to visit. He’s heading on to Rhode Island for a family gathering so we plan to meet up again next week. We went into town and did some grocery shopping. They have a nice dinghy dock conveniently located by the grocery store.

Skip went up the mast to retrieve the wind instrument. We’re awaiting delivery of a replacement part. He also changed the oil. Our next stop will be Oyster Bay. We plan to meander. No more long slogs!!