Moondance was launched on Friday morning a few days ahead of schedule.  As a result of an insurance survey (needed on our almost 20-year-old boat), there were a few major Spring projects.  The shaft was replaced due to damage done by the cutlass bearing.  We made a big note to remember to inspect it regularly!


The surveyor found that our bottom paint was not adhering properly to the boat; hence, soda-blasting and sanding was done to remove the bottom paint and barrier coat.  We had Annapolis Boat Works do the job for us and they did it well.  They raised our water line since we are usually weighed down when cruising and the boat lists slightly to starboard.  In the process they discovered that our boat actually has a clear coat over the Awlgrip.  We didn’t know this and they found out because it came off when they removed the tape.  Repairing it would have been a big deal so we went with a white strip along the water line to cover up the damage.  It doesn’t look too bad…

Bottom prep

New bottom
Maybe we’ll win some races with our new slick bottom!

Shiny hull
Shiny Hull

Bow point of view
Bow View

We had the engine driven refrigeration repaired.  It didn’t work well last season and even though we mainly use the DC unit, it’s nice to have a back up.  Skip got into a real cleaning frenzy.  He cleaned up the bottom of the engine compartment and painted it white so that he could easily see any drips.

It’s clean under the filter and refrigeration unit

We also had a new thru hull installed for a fresh water foot pump at the galley sink.  This will save us a lot of water when washing dishes in the Bahamas.  We checked to make sure it works but we won’t use it until we reach crystal clear water!

New Thru Hull for fresh water

After a few days of turning things on to see if they still work and tracking down water leaks, we’re in pretty good shape.   I cleaned out all the storage compartments so we can start bringing stuff back to the boat.  I started working on the teak but it was too cold and windy.  I’m hoping for some warmer days ahead!