Five games in 3 days!  We’re talkin’ baseball!!  Lots of hotdogs, beer, barbecue, margaritas and Tums!

Cactus League Baseball Trip
Salt River Fields

Cactus League Baseball Trip

Cactus League Baseball Trip

We met Skip’s daughter Jen and her husband Bill (who live in Denver) in Phoenix to check out Spring Training, otherwise known as ‘The Cactus League”.

Skip and I arrived on Thursday after the usual adventures at BWI — Southwest didn’t have an airplane for us but they managed to find one and get us out of there.  They made up the time in air so they redeemed themselves.

We visited 4 different ball parks, each with its own ambience.  The nicest one was Salt River Fields where the Rockies and Diamondbacks play.  (My ratings are based on food choices, shade, cup holders and crowd behavior.)

Cactus League Baseball Trip

The most interesting crowd was the Giants fans at Scottsdale Stadium.  There were a lot of them and they were very enthusiastic.  We had the best barbecue sandwiches that night.  People watching was also very interesting — lots of surgically-enhanced women.  Hard to understand what that’s about…

We wore Orioles hats and shirts to a few games.  Saw a few other Orioles fans–not many.  When I was walking to get a beer, I guy asked if he could take my picture because he had a friend who hated the Orioles–WTF!

We must have looked like an odd group–2 Orioles fans, 1 Rockies fan and 1 Yankees fan–Oy!!
Cactus League Baseball Trip
Bet you can’t tell that Bill is sporting a Yankees hat – it’s very well-loved

At one of the games we chatted with a guy near us who used to play for the Angels back in the 80’s.  He quizzed us on the Orioles greats.  We later Googled him to find out that he was a pretty good player back then.

Are these 2 related or what??!!
Are these 2 related or what??! Jen mentioned ice cream and Skip was right on it!

My least favorite experience was our last game at Tempe Diablo Stadium.  Maybe I was baseballed-out but the food was nothing special and the crowd was dull.

Yes, I did watch the games although I was caught on film using my iPhone!

I was caught on my iPhone!
Outed on the iPhone!

My cohorts are the real baseball nuts.  I would have a great time no matter where we were with Jen and Bill!