Not the Bahamas!
Not in the Bahamas!

We’ve made it through January and it’s been a mild winter so far. Only a few dustings of snow and many days above 50 degrees. It’s still not the Bahamas, though. That said, it’s good being home. My days are leisurely spent going to the Y for yoga and swimming, having lunch with friends, quilting and working on our ‘nest’. I’ll blog later about my quilting and house projects. It’s really hard to get back into blogging once you stop. Advise to self: keep up with your blog!!
Snow dusting
We got a light dusting of snow last night
Crocus blooming in February
It’s been so mild that the crocus think it’s Spring

I check my blog’s dashboard occasionally and delete the spam folder. I can check the stats to see how many hits I’m getting and what the search criteria are. I got a good chuckle one day when one of the top searches was “sailing naked in the Bahamas”! Yes, I did blog about our sailing in the buff experiment. I guess some people are  really interested in that prospect!

Here are some of our winter visitors
Don't mind me...I'm just grazing
Don’t mind me, I’m just grazing

Are you lookin at me?
I’m hiding behind this tree

A frequent visitor–One-Eye

One day I was in my sewing room and saw the herd of deer running by–about 15 of them. I wondered what they were running from. A few seconds later, the red fox trotted by. He looked very pleased with himself!

Bailey misses his dolphin friends but seems to really like being at home. Even though he appears laid back, he does have a schedule. Every morning, he wakes us up demanding either a belly scratch or to go outside. After dinner he gets to play his favorite game–chasing the flashlight beam. He started getting too persistent after we fed him, wanting to go downstairs immediately and start playing. I started feeding him after us just so we can have some peace during dinner!

Bailey's winter station
Bailey’s winter station–waiting patiently until the mailman or UPS truck approaches and he goes into Red Alert mode!

Bailey likes fire
Bailey loves to lounge in front of the fire

We haven’t forgotten about the boat. Moondance is tucked away under a warm plastic blanket in Annapolis. We check on her occasionally but the single solar panel we left on is keeping the batteries charged just fine. Skip is already preparing his ‘to do’ list and our launch date is already scheduled.

Moondance under cover
Moondance under cover

Under the Moondance tent
Under the tent

We had to have a survey done on the boat for insurance purposes. The bad news is that they found some things that have to be fixed. The good news is that we didn’t find out about these things when we’re in the middle of nowhere! Our cutlass bearing needs replacing along with the shaft, strut and dripless seal. We had noticed a vibration but didn’t realize what it was. Lesson learned: don’t ignore things that don’t sound right. We also have to have the bottom paint stripped and replace the epoxy coat. We’ve owned the boat for 7 years so I guess it’s time. We had to do this once on our old boat.

It will be good to have the peace of mind that the boat is in good repair once we set off again. Our current plans are to cruise New England this summer and continue to the Bahamas in the Fall.